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The paper will extensively analyses the stakeholder’s perspectives, the advantages and disadvantages of the projects as well its suitability and sustainability in the community. My neighborhood which is in Elmhurst, Queens community district 4 falls under the R5 residential district zoning regulations. This residential designation implies that we are at the intermediary point between high density and low density. My building like of the others must provide off street parking. It has an average Floor Area Ratio of 1. This is crucial in a healthy neighborhood and keeping lifestyle disease such as diabetes and obesity at bay. The green space promotes environmental sustainability in the Elmhurst community as well as district 4 in general. The $20 million project has walking paths, modern comfort stations, benches, beautiful natural landscaping, a playground and fountain among other amazing feature will color the life of the surrounding community ( Hughes, 2006).

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The building initiative came as relief with the city suffocating from increased traffic, growing influx of residents. With surging housing prices, this family friendly recreational park will make the investment worthwhile. Initially, before agreeing to donate the site to the community, Keyspan proposed construction of a Home Depot. Interested Private developers such as Mattone Group intended to build a commercial bank and self-storage company in the gas tank site in 2013 while promising to donate one acre to the community cause. The contractor argued that it would be made economical sense and create more jobs for the community. The community strongly opposed this argument and rejected the proposed sale of the site valued at $13 million. Through protest and negotiations the community watchdogs were able to gather the community and the city council in preserving the gas tank site for park construction (JCPA,2011).

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