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The findings of the discussion will demonstrate how the violence occurs across the various entities. The discussion will highlight the reasons why the various forms of violence occur in the psychiatric organization. Finally, the recommendation section will illustrate the measures to embrace when to reduce the violence in the institution. Violence in the Workplace Introduction Violence in the workplace is an occurrence that is common in numerous organizations. The organization of interest for the analysis of workplace violence is inclusive of a health care organization. In a psychiatric hospital in Chicago, there were reports that violence occurred daily. The violence in the health care organization would vary from patient to health care professional violence toa health care professional to patient violence (Bruce & Nowlin, 2011). The psychiatric facilities were specially catered for caring for children up to the ages of seventeen. Some of the causes of violence were so bad that they were a contributing factor to the increase in the mortality and morbidity rates of patients receiving treatment. Some of the incidents were inclusive of broken limbs among a range of the patients. Other reports of violence were inclusive of delays in the provision of treatment to the patients with injuries resulting from the violent acts towards them. In some instance, the patients would display acts of aggression and violence towards the nurses or physicians by throwing objects toward them. In other cases, the health care professionals would run the facilities in such a crude manner that it was similar to a detention facility (Conaboy, 2013).

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In the comprehension of the notion that violence in the psychiatric institutions occurs, it is essential to determine how these acts occurred, and why they were taking place. Furthermore, a highlight of the recommendations for workplace violence will be essential in the clarification on the ways to eradicate workplace violence. Findings There were various reports with regards to the occurrence of violence in the psychiatric organization. Therefore, it is essential to determine how these acts happened. In the case where a boy reported broken limbs while receiving care, it essential to note that the broken legs resulted from the actions of the health care team. The interaction was such that the unqualified nurse was attempting to put restraints on the patient (Vaughn, Salas-Wright, DeLisi, & Maynard, 2013). Given that it is a psychiatric organization, it was evident that the patient was objective to these actions.

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This would, therefore, give rise to the explanation of how a health care professional to patient violence occurred. In some occasions, the violence would shift and occur between colleagues as well as among the patients. In a psychiatric facility, the violence between patients is not a strange occurrence. When patients are put together in a given environment, sometimes they would begin to fight. The fights would begin between two individuals, though in some instances, the aggression would escalate to the point that every patient within the given environment would be fighting against each other. These individuals would then attend to patients without any supervision. The employment attributes would often occur in outpatient clinics serving a high number of needy individuals. The concept of understaffing would give rise to violence in numerous ways.

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For instance, when nurses are exhausted and fatigued, they would often exert their stress and frustration on anyone in the vicinity. Violence between nurse and colleagues would occur because the nurses would feel overworked as compared to their physician counterparts. In some instances, the occurrence of violence in the psychiatric institution was a scheme by the institution to continue receiving Medicaid payments as well as other organizations that received the bill for the treatment rendered. The organization would admit a high number of patients, which is already a causative agent for workplace violence (Magnavita, 2014). The scheme by the organization was such that they would retain the patients within the facility for as long as they can. In an instance where the patients would demonstrate signs of improvement, they would provoke the patient to acts of violence.

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When the patient demonstrates violent tendencies, this will justify the need for retaining the patients and consequentially gaining financial compensation from the respective organizations. Another valid recommendation is inclusive of the notion that the health care team should undergo a refresher course on how to accord appropriate treatment to the patients. The refresher course will entail an emphasis on the notion that people with a mental health condition have high chances of behaving in a manner that would provoke anger among health care professionals. The recognition of this attribute will give rise to the notion that health care professionals should exercise patients when attending to these patients, regardless of their actions (Bruce & Nowlin, 2011). The training of nursing professionals would also include an illustration of the proper practices to employ during the utilization of hospital equipment.

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The training on the utilization of hospital equipment will give rise to the reduction of incidents such as the inability to use restraints. Increasing this time will give rise to a reduction in the stress levels among the nurses at the psychiatric organization. References Bruce, M. Nowlin, W. Workplace Violence: Awareness, Prevention, and Response. Public Personnel Management, 40(4). Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 46(5), 366–376. United States Department of Labor. Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Workplace violence prevention – Health care and social service workers. Retrieved from https://www.

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