Visual Rhetoric Analysis Essay

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It commands attention and leads to curiosity. It is the most appropriate way to go in global advertisements. These advertisements inform, persuade, remind, influence and at some point, change opinions towards what is being advertised. Visual rhetoric is demonstrative and thus readily attracts the audiences. The pictures also help in showing results for the products use. Visual rhetoric enhances people’s emotions. This way they are able to awaken the love and desire one has. One may really want to be like a certain celebrity. When she sees influential images like a successful plastic surgery, one readily opts to do it to attain their desires. Visuals tend to convey similar messages. She’s presented after application of the tint. Milani is a cosmetic company that advertises many cosmetics including lipsticks and pods.

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It uses two beautiful women for the advert. Both women have their lips well colored and their faces podded. Cover Girl is a cosmetic company. A pencil and the holder of the various colors are the other images on the advert. The camera however concentrated on the woman’s eyelids to catch audience’s attention. Face Off is a plastic surgery advertisement. It uses a woman’s image whose one side of the face all the way to the neck area looks like it is burnt. However, the other side of the face which is a resultant image of the surgery looks beautiful and attractive. The use of models attracts customers because all the fans would want to be like celebrities.

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