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This film is based on real events that took place in Britain. In the year 1956 Marilyn traveled to Europe specifically Britain to shoot a film with another major star in the television industry Laurence Olivier. The movie that was expected to be an astounding success did not turn out so well. This can be attributed to the lack of chemistry that lingered between the two film stars. Michelle Williams acting in the part of Marilyn Monroe put up quite a performance in the film and won the golden globe for best actress in a motion picture. Marilyn is made the central point of focus by the cameras. Everything in the film seems to come back or influence this character. The camera positioning in most of the scenes is at level with the actors in the film.

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The director also adjusts the distance of the cameras such that Marilyn is isolated as the main character thus shifting the audience's attention to her. Another critical factor to notice is how the director zooms in and out of scenes. The set for the most part of the movie is on lavish estates with fancy cars and big mansions. This is a true depiction of what the lives of major entertainment stars such as Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe was like at the time. The characters who play actors in the film are also dressed in elegant clothes compared to people of different professions. The costumes used in the play contrast the life and lifestyles of different characters in the play.

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For example, while characters such as Marilyn and Olivier are dressed in expensive dresses and suits, Collins and Lucy are dressed in less expensive clothes. When the students come to get their actresses signature the camera moves in a circular motion where Marilyn is the center piece surrounded by her fans. This is not the only instance that Simon Curtis makes Marilyn the central point of focus or the dead center of a scene other instances such as during her interview also employ the same element. This tactic builds on the tension or the suspense of the audience since there is a high degree of calmness surrounding one character as their waiting for an action to happen to happen. The use of this tactic also doubles as a psychology movement in the film (Fielding, 2013).

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This is because focusing on Marilyn as the main character directs all attention to her making her the person of interest in many parts of the movie. The director switches from Collin to Marilyn then to Lucy and back to Collin and Olivier to show the reactions that each of the said characters had. Lastly, there is the use of continuity editing by the director ("My Week With Marilyn (2011) - IMDB"). From the moment that Marilyn and Collin have a connection, there is continuity editing that promotes the theme of love and romance in the film to the end. Music plays a crucial role in promoting themes or moods in any given context. There are several music pieces that Simon Curtis employs in the film to bring out different moods or create suspense in the movie.

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’ Marilyn: I wasn’t going to leave without saying goodbye…. don’t forget me. ? Collin: as if I could Marilyn: everybody else in the picture wishes that they could. Collin: They don’t understand you Marilyn: walk me to my car ("My Week With Marilyn (2011) - IMDB") The tone that Marilyn uses in this scene acts as the last confirmation that the time that they shared with Collin was not all in vain. It proves to the audience that they were a certain degree of chemistry between the two and maybe there if they were in different setting things would have worked out. However, since one of them (Collin) was willing to compromise and not as egocentric as Olivier the two of them can develop almost a perfect love story.

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