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For me, I love traveling during my free time from while through with my college semesters, and I get to experience different cultures and meet different people in the country. Through traveling, we also learn the things that we never could learn from our studies in a college. For example, a building in a textbook when viewed in the city gives us different visual experience. With the development of our transportation, traveling to other countries is so popular nowadays. We can take a flight across a different hemisphere in 12 hours while 50 years ago, people used slow transportation modes such as ship and train, which had a high capacity of carrying more people but could take several ways, it even took one month to get to a different country.

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Instead of only having buildings constructed in similar styles, like in my hometown- Hunan, a city located in the middle of China, the cities here have different building styles. There is no park situated in the center of my home as in New York City. We noted that buildings in American are straight, squared and in the nearly same horizontal line. In China buildings in cities neither are nor regularly built like in America instead they have different shapes and sizes In my opinion, American buildings are well structured and attractive. When you first see the tall buildings in different parts of the city, you can’t help but be amazed by their appearance However, after getting used to the city and its marvelous buildings, they no longer will have the same attractiveness as they had for the first time because you get used to the sight, and it might not be as beautiful when you pass through the city again.

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We also were nervous before the trip. Even though it wasn’t our first time to visit a foreign country, we were only two people rather than a group, and we had never been there before. So we had to search for all the necessary information. First, we needed to order the fight tickets and a hotel in advance to save money. The prices would have been too high if we were to delay with our booking. For example, when you arrive in Bangkok, you need call a taxi. Some drivers can take you to the wrong destination, so you can use an app to order a car; the price is more relatively lower than call a taxi. For example, Uber and grab will show you the total price immediately you order for the service.

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Notably, the food in Thailand is cheap. Street food cost is as little as 20 THB (1 Dollar =6. It was so easy especially when we wanted to purchase anything on the street, so it’s not necessary to put the language spoken in the place you plan to visit into consideration. After those two trips to two different countries, I’ve learned a lot of things. They have a view about Chinese student in from China, people think our purpose here is to escape the high pressure in the in our country and that we are too rich, and drive luxury cars, take trips every break time. It’s apparently a wrong perception. This is because they have never been to China before; they get this information from movies, news, and other sources of social media.

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