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Prisonization forms an informal inmate code. In their struggle for survival therefore, prison inmates gradually accept and become assimilated to the codes of the prison and other institutional features. This essay therefore presents study of prisonization to understand what Clemmer meant by his definition of the term. Also, presented here is the discussion on whether all prisoners are affected in the same way. "Prisonization" alludes to the procedure by which detainees adjust to jail life by embracing the lifestyles and traditions of prisoner subcultures. The attitude of the inmates towards the police is also a factor contributing to the prisonization. As usual, most people will have hatred feelings towards the prison guards and judges seeing them as corrupt people who only see money as a solution to the most of the world’s problems.

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These feelings trigger anger and the feeling of revenge from the convicts making them more violent. One of Clemmer's peers, Reimer expressed the accompanying about the "right person" detainee part: "These men are so known due to the consistency of their conduct as per the criminal or jail code… ", and also that: "… the 'right person' to be certainly contradicted by the law and its authorization and the organization itself… "(Papp, 48. ) Another combine of creators set that: "In the jail network, the incessant threatening vibe amongst cons and screws – to some degree an augmentation of the dynamic clash amongst hoodlums and police outwardly… " (Thomas, 135. In this manner, 462 detainees in three deferent authority level jails and a control gathering of 126 college students were reviewed.

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