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A lot of themes are discussed in the poem, accompanied by a number of figures of speech which make the poem memorable, funny and interesting. This poem is inspired by a question asked by a lawyer to Mali, at a dinner. The question illustrates how society thinks of teachers and their undesired roles. With this research paper, we will be in a position to clearly understand the personas intentions by evaluation of certain key aspects used in the poem. To achieve this, the paper will contain the main and general ideas of the poem and what the author feels about education and his students. Stylistic devices analysis The poem utilizes a number of figures of speech and stylistic devices to effectively communicate the ideas of the author.

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Of interest, is the repetition of words. Repetition is used in a poem to emphasize on a certain issue. In the poem, Taylor uses repetition in the following statement, “I make them spell definitely beautiful, definitely, beautiful, definitely beautiful over and over and over again…" In this instance, therefore, I think Mali uses repetition to illustrate how much effort is put in making sure that children recall whatever they are taught. He uses this repetition here, to show the lawyer, and the people, the difficult work that is done by teachers ("Repetition"). In addition, I think Mali uses this device since he knows some people might have such questions on their mind, and would need answers to them ("Hypophora - Definition, and Examples of Hypophora").

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Humor is another device that is used in this slam type of poetry. It is usually used when there are moments that are tense or strongly felt to balance the tense feelings. Humor in this poem also makes it relatable and funny to the audience. I think Mali uses humor in his poem so as to keep the audience at per. Since the audience knows what's coming next, Mali is able to make them more receptive to the emotional resonance he is trying to get across. In addition, I think he uses resonance to evoke some feelings of solidarity ("Anaphora - Examples, and Definition of Anaphora"). The use of rhetorical questions has also been used in the poem. This is shown in the following, “What's a kid going to learn from a person who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?" I think Mali uses rhetorical questions to achieve a number of functions.

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