Why Athletic Programs should Pay Athletic Students

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If an undergraduate is taking further of their time spending it in playing sports or at practices and they fail institution courses they ought to be able to use that sport as a profession.  This essay critically focuses on several reasons on why a college athlete should be paid by the athletic program. First of all, most individuals have little knowledge of the hard work and devotion that these student-athletes put on the road to becoming a star player.  Sportsperson’s go through a lot of ill-treatment and turmoil during the tribulation of them participating in the sport, most of the time it distresses them both psychologically and physically. College athletes support their institute in key ways such as commendations set to the schools, funding from countless corporations etc.

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The money also helps the NCAA in funding and provision of scholarship for college athletes. For the championship games, $96. 7 million is provided to college athletes to cater for the team, food, and lodging. Nevertheless, some funds are set aside to cater for athletes essential needs during their time in college, funding in instances of catastrophic incidents, drug testing among the athletes, the student-athlete leadership program and postgraduate scholarship. In additions, other funds set aside include the division 1 equal conference fund, academic enhancement funds, division II allocation, membership support services, division III allocation, division I conference Grants, Educational programs, other association-wide expenses and general and administrative expenses.  If student-athletes raised their own money that university wouldn't profit from they would be able to keep their scholarship given from other organizations to go towards tuition for school and other students wouldn't have to risk losing their scholarship money to pay for an athlete’s expense.

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  In conclusion, College Athletes are televised just like the professionals as well and do their best to give a great performance. This is like a job and on top of sports for athletes; they have to keep up with their school work, pay rent, and other expenses as well. Athlete’s students put their life on the line all the time to accomplish the goal of being successful and being entertainment for the world.   Athletes work hard if not even harder than the average college student. "Black male student-athletes and racial inequities in NCAA Division I college sports. " Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education 41 (2013). Corgan, Michael A. "Permitting Student-Athletes to Accept Endorsement Deals: A Solution to the Financial Corruption of College Athletics Created by Unethical Sports Agents and the NCAA's Revenue-Generating Scheme.

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