Why the US should not build a wall between us and Mexico

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There are, however, more disadvantages than advantages of this move. Most of them affect the people and movement along that area. One of the main and obvious disadvantages is the effect of the cost of building the entire wall on the people. The estimated cost of making the wall from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans is fifteen billion dollars. Even though the president keeps insisting that the government of Mexico will pay for the wall, it is well known that Mexico is opposed to the erection of the wall. The building of the wall will highly affect this. People will not be able to move quite as freely as before if the wall is constructed. This movement between the two countries has been there ever since time in memorial.

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This has resulted in the region between the border in both countries to be like a community of sorts. People on each side of the border rely on those that are on the other side for almost everything. It is a well-known fact that immigrants from Mexico are paid less than the workers from the United States. This makes doing business with the Mexican immigrants even more profitable. It is a win-win situation as all the business cuts on its cost of employment and the immigrants get jobs that sustain them and make them money. Furthermore, these Mexican immigrants can work anywhere that their employers need them to. This will not be the case if the wall is built. In order for Trump’s dream to come into reality, these people will have to be evicted from their land.

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Some of these people that are to be evicted have been in these pieces of land since time in memorial. Some communities that are inhabiting these areas have been there since the declaration of independence. For example, there is an Indian burial site directly on the projected path of the wall. By moving entire villages and communities that were relying on their lands to have a source of livelihood would be spelling doom for them. This was once one of the best tourist attractions along the border. The United States, however, cut ties to the town back in 2001. Today the town is very deserted, and you would be lucky to see a person. This is the fate of the towns along the United States and Mexico border if the wall is built.

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The wall will also affect healthcare and humanitarian services negatively. Before the wall is put in place, the people along the border are in harmony and live together peacefully. The wall might, however, bring lots of problems. People might see that the government is trying to take their source of livelihood away from them and they might decide to retaliate. The Mexicans might also have a view that the Americans in the area are responsible for the making of the wall. This might result in civil war between the people of the two countries along the border. ” Newsweek, 20 Dec. 2017, www. newsweek. com/trumps-wall-isnt-going- stem-flow-undocumented-immigrants-751639. Dear, Mochael, et al. “Kelly: We Won’t Build All of Trump’s Wall, and Mexico Won’t Pay for it.

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