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William Shakespeare was a playwright who invented a plethora of diversly defined terms in the English language through his works. Although scholars have reshaped their theories of how the English language came to be, Shakespeare's works are the primary reason why the English language is so vast with such a diverse variety of words. Shakespeare's influence of Language to a Certain Extent William Shakespeare greatness in his works does not only influence literature and theatre, but it also extends to modern-day movies, the English language, and Western Philosophy. As earlier mentioned, he is regarded as the greatest English language writer and dramatist, Shakespeare transformed theatres in Europe by increasing prospect on what was achievable through plot, characterization, genre, and language Moila, Robert S. P. For instance, in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, he integrated plot with characterization in a way that if the major character could have been dissimilar in any manner, the entire flow would be distorted completely.

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In the popular play of Romeo and Juliet, he was able to combine comedy and tragedy and create a romantic tragedy genre which was a new style. Before this Shakespeare's creation, the romance was never viewed as a worthy theme for tragedy. Through the use of soliloquies, Shakespeare was able to show how plays explored the inner conflict and motivations of characters. Before Shakespeare started writing plays, soliloquies were previously used in the introduction of characters, conveying of messages, providing expositions, and revealing of plans Wolfgang H. A good example of grounding uses by Shakespeare in his play s the Hamlet due to its quickness and response Borris Ford, (P18). Groundling enabled Shakespeare to make his work practical and artistic. He was able to represent the English people in a concrete was rather than puppets.

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Shakespeare was able to unite the three major streams of literature which are drama, verse, and poetry. With his eloquence and high expression with the suppleness of language, Shakespeare verified the English language. Before and during his time, the rules and grammar of English were inconsistent. However, as soon as Shakespeare's works began to gain popularity around the 17th and 18th century, the works aided in the standardization of the language as a significant number of his words were embedded. Shakespeare was able to expand the horizons of the English through the introduction of fresh phrases and words, trying out the blank verse, and bringing in fresh elegiac and grammatical compositions. He is also credited for inspiring modern-day words such as "swag" which is derived from the term "swagger," that was first seen on his plays "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Henry V" iii.

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Vocabulary The introduction of phrases and vocabulary by Shakespeare is one of his greatest contribution to English as he assisted in giving the language a sense of colorfulness and expressiveness. Even though the lack of grammatical bindings introduced imprecision in literature, it allowed room for the expression of feelings with deep emotion and vividness which produced vividness in presentment and freedom in expression. This was a language that allowed the expression of feelings explicitly. Shakespeare's contribution to English involved the utilization of the enthusiasm of English and decasyllabic composition in writing style and poetry. Shakespeare’s works would reach masses where the results were ‘ a consistent two-stream exchange between the popular and the learned, the two parties would produce a unique combination of majestic staleness and racy tang that would inform Shakespeare's language.

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Shakespeare is credited by the Oxford English Dictionary for coining over two thousand words, an article by National Geographic highlights the results of a historian by the name Jonathan Hope the writer of Shakespeare's Native English. His experimentation style of style and trend, the development of blank verses are the confirmation of Shakespeare's creativity, influence, and inventions. He was able to grow and develop the blank verse through his experiments in the decasyllabic rule and trisyllabic to a level that the style reached perfections and was able to introduce a new form of writing. Looking back to all of Shakespeare's influence on the English language, black verse represents the most influential style in written English. He was able to employ this style of writing throughout his career experimenting and perfecting the blank verse.

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The freedom for experimentation by Shakespeare was allowed by the free language rhythm. Pp. Chambers & Edmund Kerchever (1944). Shakespearean Gleanings. Oxford University Press. P. Susquehanna University Press. P. Wolfgang H. Shakespeare's Soliloquies Routledge, 1987, page 179.

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