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In fact, she cared for most patients outside the mosque and attended to those that were wounded during the holy wars. By giving this example, I intend to show the relationship that the Muslim religion has formed between religion and the practice of medicine. This has in fact set up medical healthcare in Saudi Arabia as well as other Muslim nations to be a unique profession. In fact, the historical record of Rufaidah and many other nurses are recorded in the Sunnah. Which is a traditional record denotes the saying and actions of the prophet. Islam as a culture affects Saudi Arabia, for example, in most works areas. This, therefore, does present some challenges, as most of the workforce is foreign, owing to the now dwindling stigmatization that has existed in the past.

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(Felemban, O'Connor & McKenna, 2014) There are certain professional values that are stated in the code of conduct as a practice to guide the nurse in caring for the patient. In this regard, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) (2001) has a certain Professional code of Conduct for the nursing profession. The codes speak of confidentiality, privacy, dignity, and accountability, as the main values that should guide a nurse’s conduct. Notably, according to research, most hospitals in Saudi are built on the precepts of western health care facilities. Moreover, most medical institutions are also becoming more westernized. In my work experience, like many other scholars, I have noted that one of the main challenges affecting nursing education in Saudi Arabia is the cultural bias that is in most texts.

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Even though in writing the texts recognize the need for cultural diversity, it is that of the western culture. In practice, I have observed that there exist certain nursing policies, although there is a distinct lack of professional regulation among the nurses. In order to deliver health care services, there needs to be communication between nurse, medical residents, and physicians. This can be aided by the use of EMR in a health facility. EMR is a very important part of modern healthcare as it helps with the management of information from different parties. This includes the medication prescription, transfer of medical results, as well as medical prescription. Despite this fact, not many hospitals have articulated the use of E`MR in their daily activities.

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Therefore, as a lecture, I have trained students to understand the advantages of providing high-quality healthcare information. Besides, I also advise students and nurses as well on the importance of computerization and adequate training on the user-friendly systems. This way their work will be made easier, as files are readily available and transferable. The main challenge encountered in my work has been the willingness of the students to learn. Despite the fact that change may be hard for some to accommodate, it is necessary for most if not all healthcare organization. Besides, owing, to the constant desire to learn I have developed new techniques, I never forget the basic and believe I have grown a better professional background as a researcher and leader.

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Despite the growing responsibilities, I have had over the years; I have constantly had a passion to further my education, all of which has greatly influenced my career. Before, my retirement I worked as a Coordinator of Clinical Affairs and training at the College of Applied Health Sciences, King Faisal University in Al-Hasa. During this time, I socialized with many people from different backgrounds. I was able to meet a number of foreigners as well as Saudi nurses who challenged me to soar to new heights. The social adjust is sometimes challenging, and some nurses even choose to go back to their countries in extreme cases. However, everyone appreciates the fact that the salary is not taxed. As a nurse leader, I appreciate the changes that have been taking place in the education of nurse and hospital policies.

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This is because the inclusion of technology and the progressive change towards the attitude of nursing as a career has assisted in improving professional and personal experiences. Abstract This part of my professional biography looks into a number of factors that influenced my career as an educator and leader in the nursing profession, some positive and negative. With the experiences I have had, I intended to further my work and better the nursing experience for all. Notably, with the articulation of 2030 vision for the Saudi health system, patient safety and treatment quality will improve (Bassi, 2017). Conclusively, all the transformation I have experienced in my work has had a positive impact on my career. References Aldosari, B. , Al-Mansour, S. , & McKenna, L. Cultural View of Nursing in Saudi Arabia.

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