Workplace Productivity and Morale

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Another reason for the above phenomenon can be attributed to lack of innovation by the employees of the company (Johnson and Chang, 2000). The case where a firm is functioning at its capability and capacity allows it to produce as much as it can. this is directly relational to its technology and workforce which eventually maximizes the entire productivity. The work force of any economy or firm plays a major role in its productivity. This designs work productivity to be one of the major and chief determinants in businesses ability to meet its duties and make profits. To start with, employees and the general workforce feel valued and that they genuinely matter since they are engaged in the operations of the organization.

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This boosts productivity and institutes a favorable working environment (New, McDougall and Scroggie, 2016). Secondly, employees are able to understand their organization and can appreciate its values and purpose – a key aspect for the achievement of goals and objectives of any company. In other words, employees can comprehend the general structure and culture of a company and feel as part of it. Internal communication is also a subsection of operative business communication, which is built around this simple foundation: communication is a dialogue, not a monologue. No longer did a communication take a little while to produce, allowing for a period of reflection and consideration. Now anyone could ‘bang off an email’ at a moment’s notice, often without consideration of the impact of the message.

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Those who were unskilled and untrained in the art and impact of communication suddenly found themselves causing more amongst than they realized(McCreary E, Brochet M. Training took place amongst senior managers in the more enlightened organizations to show them the effects of poor communication habits. Today, digital technology has evolved to the point where not only can employees and employers freely email each other, forward messages without any editing (showing the whole conversational trail), and forward those messages outside of the corporate walls, but also employees and employers can use these emails to bring about grievance procedures, litigation and dismissal. In this phase, all employees would have the chance to take part in the planning process with their own responses to the general business plan.

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supervisors and line managers were responsible for ensuring that all staff members participated in the planning process; the top management was to listen the tabled ideas and act on them; and constant surveys were to be held among the staffs. The second phase was strong enough since it was found that there was a very high commitment and devotion to the business plan due to the fact that everyone was engaged in the process hence giving all staff a sense of value, appreciation, and belonging. Secondly, the invited members clenched a very high level of involvement. This helped in instigating a feeling of trust since they had been asked to appear and contribute and had been tasked with spreading the information to their respective places of work.

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