Youth apathy towards love and marriage

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That is followed by the current trends and the statistics on the subject to demonstrate its prevalence or reduction. Further, the recommendation on the best way to take care of the issue is in the last sections of the paper. This paper is, therefore, a discussion of the youth apathy towards love and marriage. Definition and Description of the Issue At Hand The issue at hand is that increased youth apathy towards love and marriage and normalization of premarital sexual behavior. The median marriage age in the 1960s was 22. In addition to the economic values re cultural determinants, different communities and religions have different beliefs concerning marriage and premarital sex. In certain cultures, one can marry provided he can fend for the family members and provide all the needs and requirements.

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In others, economic stability alone does not define the suitability for marriage. In other communities, fornication is not allowed while in others, it is permitted. With all these differences, there is a feeling among various stakeholders that there is an increasing apathy among the youth towards marriage. The changes resulted from the high level of technological growth, leading to industrialization. Because of the industrialization and increased use of technology, there was no longer more emphasis on agriculture as the backbone of the US economy. As such, individuals never had the motivation to give birth to many children since they didn't require many laborers in their farms as before. The second major transition took place during the 1950s. It involved features like marital delay, especially for the first marriage and birth, fewer marriages, decrease in fertility and remarriage, high number of divorce cases, birth out of wedlock, and enhanced independence of women, both socially and economically.

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Families in the United States have felt the impact of the changes in values. The Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is, therefore, an excellent way of explaining the abuses and effects of youth apathy towards marriage and normalization of premarital sex. That is because the change of values had made immoral issues like premarital sex toe the norm of the day as it sanitizes them for various reasons. Current Trends According to the United States Census Bureau, there has been an increase in the Brian marital age for both genders as indicated in table one. The current median stands at approximately 30years for men and 28 years for women (US Census Bureau, 2019). Median marital ages. (United States Census Bureau). Impacts The issue at hand has led to increased cases of divorce, poor parenting, violence marriages, among other vices.

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