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Zappos endeavor to ensure that it makes shopping an enjoyable experience mainly because of how the company has modernized the website for a shopping experience that is easy. Clients are able to see every product from diverse angles because of the photographs which are taken at the studio that is located in the company, and the workers also take brief videos indicating the features of different products. Zappos makes an analysis of how clients are able to traverse through the website to improve the different aspects, plan inventory and adapt to search results. This paper seeks to present a report on the planning part of Zappos Company, which specifically identifies the mission of the organization and the most essential features of its strategic plan.

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What Type of Strategy does Zappos pursue? One of the most effective strategies that Zappos adopted is the use of social media platforms including YouTube and Twitter to market their products and at the same time attract new clients (Go, Eun, and Kyung 180). Another significant target market for Zappos is the millennial generation who mainly believe in the opportunities to grow and learn various aspects in life thus their prospects of looking for advancement opportunities as well as informal working environments. On the other hand, baby boomers are continuously searching for managers who can provide quality services and therefore they expect quality services; therefore these individuals look out for businesses that enhance creativity and are fun to work in. the only variance that an individual can essentially gather is that Millennial’s are tech-savvy and because Zappos is known as an online shoe seller that has more hope in the future, it becomes one of the most suitable target markets for the Millenial generation when searching for clients.

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How does Zappos compete with Rivals? The most significant aspect that makes Zappos excel beyond its rivals is their ability to have the key company leadership and the CEO being leaders who are committed to the creation of a desired company culture. The company believes in getting the cultural aspects right which is a major competitive advantage, where it provides great customer service, develop an enormous long-term trademark and is also passionate about its clients and employees. The use of client-focused strategy as the main driver of company culture has an effect on the behavior of workers throughout Zappos thus giving the company a competitive advantage over their competitors. What sort of a Planning Process does Zappos follow? Zappos planning strategy includes the creation of a working culture that believes in the values of the company through development of a set of significant regulations that are found at the center of the company culture (Steenkamp 164).

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The company thoroughly interviews its candidates and screens them thus ensuring that their values coincide with those of the company. Zappos further forms a culture of friendship and culture by ensuring that they treat their workers properly since they are aware that the happiness of their clients begins with the workers. Therefore, the company promotes an environment that is full of fun with co-creation activities which ensure that workers have incentives that are valuable. Zappos also have an excellent marketing strategy which includes developing a budget, relevant resources and a market plan through integration of services that are personalized as well as excellent operations management. Works Cited Amit, Raphael, and Xu Han. "Value creation through novel resource configurations in a digitally enabled world.

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