Zygmunt's liquid modernity Analysis

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"A real democratic and autonomous society is a society that inquiries everything pre given and a similar token frees the creation of new meaning. In that society individuals are allowed to make new meanings or their lives" Liquid individuals We have chosen to live in shifts nowadays from solid to liquid daily. The world of Henry Ford factories would be best used as an example in solid modernity where. The work confronting free people was to utilize their freedom to find required niche and settle there through conformity. But currently the rules, codes and patterns to which one could conform are in more short supply. At henry ford's strong production lines control was practiced by securing human work to machines on a sequential construction system.

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We now value flexibility where we once esteemed strength Capital travels ideally in fluid advancement sure that there will be no deficiency of them and relying on brief enterprises that are productive. Work is currently separating into the individuals who can't do likewise, and the individuals who can. Liquid society In the times of modernity 'citizens in a shared household' was the representation for society the family had propensity standards and principles, governmental issues was for tweaking and building awareness George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is a decent case in those strong innovation time they dreaded solid huge sibling, totalitarian express that bolted the greater part of their private opportunities into press hold of open schedules. In any case, now it's the inverse, the liberated opportunity of their private activity is eating up, disintegrating, and the once strong appearing foundations of the general population circle.

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