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The museum has over 2000 piece of a collection of contemporary arts that feature more than 200 artists, including; Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koon, Barbara Kruger, and Cindy Sherman. The collection has been described has great works1. I choice two masterpieces of Barbara Kruger entitled; you are special Person and Roy Toy. Kruger’s works are very unique because it is photographs with pithy and assertive text that encourage the viewers. Kruger’s method includes designing the idea in computer and then transfers to the billboard. She Kruger is known to focuses on the perspective of women in the media, and how men perceived by me, here she is encouraging them. the photo depicts her passion to haunt and expose political and social injustice of the world against women.

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The wording in the photo is a simplistically fantastic use of future type. Another important issue that arises from the text in the photo is the identity and power of the women, in most societies around the globe women lack identity and power to make their own decision, they are perceived to be subjective of men. Thus, Kruger is asserting the women identity by telling them that they are special people. The image and words provoke thought and generate discourse. Here, Kruger is not pursuing the feminist approach rather confluence the discourse in society. the image of a cat having meat in the mouth and the text "Make my day “inspire an individual as well as it carried experience whose tradition is to discover the underline relationship between the image and the text.

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