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This can indeed be translated into academic endeavors where, for a student to attain academic success, they must invest some valor in working for that success. This assertion is sometimes misunderstood by some individuals especially from the present time. As an indifference from the assertion above, such characters should understand that academic success is a progressive journey which demand; dedication and motivation, positive social circles and self- organization A student with dedication and internal motivation is seen as an odd outdated gem especially in the large crowd of the contemporary teenage scholarship community. This is incompatible to what many faculty members and parental parties’ constant advice for success in academics where they focus on student commitment, dedication as well as the right amount of focus.

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Motivation serves a critical part in a student’s future as a student must embrace the notion and hopes for success even with erratic constant failure. Proper follow up on personal schedule prevents a student from unnecessary time wastage. When done habitually, students allow themselves enough uninterrupted time for their academics where they can revise on what they have learned in school as well as what out of class curriculum has to teach. This is to mean that personal organization and time consciousness stands a major key to academic success and personal discipline. Conclusion Achieving academic success is an uphill process for many despite school or department. Having all essential needs as dictated by an academic institution stand not enough for success in both primary, secondary as well as higher education.

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