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The conversations involved in solving the conflict helps the person in therapy to be optimistic about positive results. Therefore, I would use this approach to engage Jerry in a productive clinical relationship. Initial Assessment This stage would involve appropriate diagnosis which would help in evaluating psychological and physical traits of the patient. The process of the assessment involves the use of interview and physical examination to obtain any relevant data from the from the patient. This would help in determining whether he is a gambler and sex addict. The individuals who have impaired capability may find it difficult to refrain from the addiction. The brain functioning and its chemistry determine the vulnerability to addiction. These factors also help in determining the rate at which the people repeat actions that are pleasurable.

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This would help in making people more vulnerable to addiction. Therefore, it would be good to consider all the biological factors affecting the Mr Jerry. For example, Jerry fails to get sexual satisfaction in the family and therefore he decides to engage in the extramarital affair s. Determining whether Jerry is a compulsive Gambler A thorough diagnostic evaluation would be used to determine whether Jerry is a compulsive Gambler. This would focus on understanding the history of the Jerry on gambling. During this session, I would ask Jerry to state when he started gambling, the time that he spends on the gambling, the money that he spends or loses in gambling, whether he faces irresistible urge to bet and how he raises the money for gambling.

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After listening and sharing information with Mr Jerry, I would know if he is a compulsive gambler if I would identify the following during the interview. This would involve performing lab tests to determine Jerry's general health and the mental health condition. I would ask then ask him questions related his sexual life I order to determine whether he suffers from compulsive sexual obsession. This would also help in identifying any hallucination symptoms, drug abuse, personality, and the sexual behaviour. I would also prepare a self-test and avail it to the Jerry to answer. This would act as a screening tool to test Jerry for sexual addiction. The addictive sex benefits only one person since the other one may not be willing to participate while the healthy sex is mutual and both partners benefit from it.

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In addictive sex, the affected people try to minimize the sexual desire by creating sexual barriers. On the other hand, the healthy sex is safe and is considered as an expression of love. The sexual addiction is progressive and the affected members find it difficult to control while the healthy sex is not progressive and does not escalate quickly. Ethnic and Cultural Issues Considered in Assessment Ethnic and cultural issues greatly affect both addictions to gambling and sexual behaviour (Grant and Steinberg, 2005). I would teach him the mechanisms for controlling feelings and thoughts in the most appropriate way. Then I would use the cognitive behavioural theory to teach him how to deal with the negative thoughts and change them to positive thoughts.

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