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Subsequent to the examination of Great Cognitive Revolution, the study of extroversion and introversion towards marital bliss has endured to be a matter of great interest to most of the researchers. Starting up from; anthropology, neurosciences and even to the study of psychology, it is important to note that the examination of emotions has expanded in various organizations as well as to the inclusion of the scholars (Lewis, 2017). As a result, it raises the argument on the strongest element between introversion and extroversion towards marital bliss. Is it either one of the elements or both the extroversion and introversion? As a major basis of social institution, family is developed through the matrimony fulfillments between men and women. If one particular partner is somewhat satisfied with their distinct marital status, it embodies their overall satisfaction towards their distinct families. From this basis, it is of great importance to note that ‘family’s satisfaction’ represents contentment to life, hence spearheads both the spiritual as well as to the material progress, intensification as well as to the advancement of societal set up. In order to comprehensively understand the in-depth towards marital satisfaction, one has to distinct the affiliation existing between extroversion and introversion towards family satisfaction. Hypothesis: My hypothesis states that; the combinations of both introversion/extroversion couples have the strongest marital bliss. The null hypothesis states that there is no difference in introversion/extroversion relationship that causes marital bliss. Research Question: This paper has a main focus of determining which grouping of extroversion/introversion entails a powerful affiliation with marital bliss: both introverted, both extroverted or combination of introvert/extrovert? I tend to find out which combination of personality traits last longer in marriage and that are happy.

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Mattox) Again, the main reason is to figure out which combination leads to marital bliss and a long-lasting marriage. There must be an appropriate and accurate way to obtain reliable results. Literature Review Introverts are “undesirable and silence. ” (Lewis 2017) Extroverts are “outgoing, sociable, upbeat, friendly, assertive, and gregarious. ” (Barnes et al. In most of the situations, introverts do exemplify a bad first impression when socializing with others. It includes the ability to rub off someone’s shoulders, particularly in the event that introductions are being fulfilled (Wong, 2016). Demographic characteristics: The relationship between unhappy and happy couples: - according to a recent study, research has it that in most of the situations, introvert couples gives permission to the extrovert couples to deeply understand their introspective perspectives. For example, since they are not willing to socialize with the exterior environment, they tend to align their issues through the confined relationship they have with their partners.

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As a result, introverts frequently feel appreciative that their extroverted partners bring forth a more enlightened environment when they are just the two of them. The couples involved are all married, with an age limit starting from 25 and above. The couples chosen also consisted of both the homosexual and heterosexual partners. Similarly, the selection of the partners is not strict towards one’s nationality. Be it lesbians, homosexuals, heterosexuals and even bi-racial, the end of the research has a mission of obtaining at least one couple from each and every category. The study mainly involves the use of convenience sampling. For example; high representative, low cost, convenient data collecting, and accurate results. Also consider the disadvantages: inflexible design, and inappropriate questions. Social desirably is also a disadvantage. Also referred to as social attractiveness, it is the ordinary affinity for research accomplices to present themselves in an optimistic or socially tolerable manner.

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Procedure: Focusing on the research’s objectives and topics, our study is descriptive in nature, hence applied the use of correlations in analysis of its findings. In reviewing other articles about my research question, they only talked about men/women marriages. They are forgetting the other percentage that can be considered in this research. In our book we can see how same-sex marriage can cause questioning in a research survey. “The point is that other data must be sought to explain why nearly 25% more students entering college in 2012 than those beginning college in 1997 support legalizing same-sex marriage. ” (Shaughnessy, 2014) We can’t ignore the fact that same-sex marriages exist and with that being known should be included in the research for a more accurate answer. Baloğlu, M. b. Kesici, Ş. s. The relationship among individual differences in individualism-collectivism, extraversion, and self-presentation.

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doi:10. Boyce, C. J. Wood, A. M. Mishra, R. Soni, E. Kumar, R. Does personality contributes towards life-satisfaction. Indian Journal Of Health & Wellbeing, 8(6), 508-510. USA, T. n. d). In quiet praise of introverts. USA Today. Wong, B. September 13). How To Stay Married When You're An Introvert And He's An Extrovert. Retrieved January 10, 2018, from https://www. huffingtonpost.

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