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Currently, I am working with Canon Marketing where I am the credit control executive. My primary responsibilities include handling payment queries, analyzing customer's creditworthiness, and establishing changes in payment patterns. Other organizations I have worked with include the Green Aim where I have worked as the assistant finance and administrative staff, GJH Holdings where I was attached to the human resource, administration and marketing departments. I have also worked as a promoter at London Biscuits Berhad and Procter & Gamble and a waitress at Subway sandwiches and Todd’s Dining and Café. As a credit control executive, I have been able to learn multiple skills including overseeing customer accounts with the aim of maintaining their loyalty and satisfaction. The administrative duties I performed helped me nurture critical skills like compiling and maintaining office records including responding to technical inquiries from the public, which is essential for any successful business.

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The skill acquired as a human resource staff is also vital in pursuing international business. Working in the HR department, I was able to develop various skills that include updating and compiling employee records both manually and automatically. Other responsibilities included preparing reports and processing documents regarding personnel activities like performance evaluations, staffing, handling grievances, recruiting new staff, and employee training. In addition, I developed efficient skills to prepare payrolls by assessing elements such as absences, leaves, and bonuses. I believe that an experience in international industry and marketing will help me develop the capacity to handle any form of business activity in the future. My primary goal is to enhance my global business skills including international relations and finance policies.

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I have, therefore, settled for this course since it offers one a chance to study abroad in one of the partner institutions in the second semester. Furthermore, the degree program provides various classes that will help me to be strategic in issues related to global business. Among the courses offered, including International Business Environment and Strategy, which is critical in equipping learners with essential skills for business activities at the international arena. Marketing constitutes a diverse range of activities that involve positioning and repositioning both new and existing products, launching products, designing sales channels, and establishing an effective pricing strategy. Thus, specializing in marketing will allow me to work in diverse fields. With a marketing degree, one is empowered with practical communication skills that are crucial in writing articles, marketing copies, media scripts, and website copies.

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