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Based on this approach, art for instance, in photography as well as in architecture has transformed from decorative purpose to involve political motives as well as social engagements. However, the transformation has been due to the notion that the art world has engaged in an energetic discourse around the artists and the artistic production business leading to an increasing contemporary role of an artist as a celebrity hence influencing the artist’s character. The paper will, therefore, explore the meaning of being an artist, as well as the current challenge due to lack of understanding the decorative purpose of art, leading to artists’ efforts and desires of a contemporary involvement with politics and social engagements. To identify and understand the creative forms of art and the design of producing them in the modern day, it is appropriate in a serious consideration to involve the roles of art academy as well as that of aesthetic dimension.

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The pedagogical model of art effectiveness as seen in most of today’s social engagement works of art invalidating the relation model between art and politics has been already outdated. With the lost originality of paintings, sculptures and drawings, architect activities also transforms to irreality hence as well loosing value in the world’s building structures. The transformed art to digital art has therefore merged photography into a world of choices, through tasks such as deciding to include or exclude, focus or defocusing, cropping, desaturating as well as fixing and coloring. This also takes a major effect towards architectural practices, since they depend on the focused or unfocused, included or excluded, fixed, cropped, desaturated and the coloring technique in the photograph to legitimize its intended work.

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Therefore, the politics in choice as observed in architecture will therefore lead to a structured form of a specific building such as a museum, church or even an institution, making it different from another of the same category. Politics of Architectural and Photography Art However, the major problem lies on the advancement in technology, whereby philosophers, investors as well as artists are arguing that based on digitization and dissemination theory of art, the lost human primitive capacities can be restored if a broad participation is made to return in an oral culture that ensures employing touching, hearing and facial expressions in the field of photography. However, different cultures, therefore, portray these pieces of arts in diverse modes, creating social separation or togetherness based on political representations of the particular part of work.

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For instance, ethics, aesthetics as well as political practices explored socially through artwork have suspected to be putting morals above form, leading to the generation of strictly social, compassionate or Christian arts that masks the conflicts that exist in the modern society. The desire for celebrity has thereby been the profound challenge towards artwork since the artist can invent innovative modes of the exhibition at an interpersonal level. As seen in most pieces of photography work, the problem is observed through the relation of words and the images portrayed in webs. The words describing an image does not involve the concrete reality of the work being represented since colors, or even the disposition space elements are not covered. With the ongoing advancements in technology, music artistry might be of no great importance unto the society, rather than further causing quarrels as well as opposition critics based on the copyrights practice that is worldly ongoing (Jacques, pg.

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Many artists are not producing their original music, rather than relying on other musicians’ original tracks to produce of so-called “their music tracks”. The society, however, expects original publication and production of individual’s work of artistry, if the arts industry is focusing on further advancing to higher levels as well as playing a crucial role to the establishment of moral and ethical values to the modern society. Despite the professional, driven efforts in the arts industry, the contemporary art stably derives appeal as well as the force from the notion that it can still prolong a symbolic engagement and aesthetic hence acting in a socially centered and antagonistic strategy in imaging the new and modern ways of living. However, this has to initiate from the art production industries as well as the artists by re-individualizing the existing frameworks that lead to the occurrence of identification.

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