Amazons Success and Leverage on Big Data

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After a year of testing, the Amazon website was up and running, and within four months the Amazon was selling about 100 books a day, leveraging on its first-mover advantage (Jahan, 2014). Amazon went ahead to diversify its operations, expanding its focus to kindles for reading soft copies as people moved from print books, e-commerce player linking sellers and buyers and more recently internet services provider with unlimited reach in value addition for other entities. Utilizing Big Data The secret behind Amazon’s success and subsequent influence is the use of data to understand markets, drive strategies and target various segments based on past purchases. Under Bezos, Amazon set itself apart as an entity that valued customer feedback and invited them to review products purchased.

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As a result, Amazon managed to obtain a lot of information about their customers, their preferences and the reception their products got. Through its visionary leadership, the company grew to an e-commerce powerhouse and a key cloud computing service provider. Its astrological growth is attributed to the use of data to exploit available opportunities while working on its weaknesses and threats based on feedback received. Moving forward, the company will maintain its focus on customers and growth as opposed to profits to expand its dominance. Although e-commerce is still the highest income generator, AWS is promising to be a significant segment. 2017 financial results show that AWS accounted for 9% of the net sales, a 55% increase from the prior year. icmrindia. org/casestudies/catalogue/IT%20and%20Systems/Amazon's%20Big%20Data%20Strategy-Case%20Study.

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