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” Such a difference in creation implies that human beings were meant to be superior on earth. God assigned him the responsibility to rule over the other creations and dominate over the skies, air, and waters. The obligation is common to all the believers. Moreover, man was given the task of replenishing and multiplying to fill the universe. This is an exegetical study in which God’s word as reflected in Genesis 1:28 will be analyzed to explain how the creation mandate that God gave to man to be fruitful relates to technology and innovation of the modern day in business. It meant that it was not the end of development after the Sabbath day when he rested. The humankind was assigned the duty to advance from where God left.

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Despite his withdrawal from creation on the seventh day, He imparted his image to human beings so that they can be able to continue with his work. God formed the universe and filled it partially during that period. Therefore, he assigned human being the task of developments that would benefit all creatures as a whole. The development of businesses correlates to the civilized way of cultivating the garden of Eden, which was a task that God delegated to human beings. It is evident that the enterprises witnessed today are of great importance to the people on earth. The creation mandate emphasizes the fact that we need to serve God through our fellow human beings. It indicates that to attain the responsibilities given to us by God, we should help others by providing to them what they need.

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The various businesses witnessed today are an accurate reflection of what the idea is. They are exercising God-given obligations to serve others. Creation Mandate and Technology Another aspect reflected in the creation mandate that God gave to man is the technological advancement. God created humanity with a lot of privileges (Cox, 2001). First is the act of creating human beings in his image. It meant that our existence on earth represents his presence. It is clear that such a field of development uses the innovative ability of humankind. They can work in groups or on an individual basis to create amazing things that aid other humans in one way or the other. Mare states that the creativity of humanity is blended with the existing natural resources to produce valuable outputs (1973).

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For example, computer hardware is made up of copper and silicon. It took the effort of human ingenuity to realize that such machines can be made through available resources that God granted to man. Therefore, he provided all races with an exceptional skill of designing. Such a blessing to Adam and Eve runs all through the generations. Besides bearing children, human beings have to fill the world with different forms of culture. It puts the obligation on us to design new things such as technology. As God’s stewards, the technological advancement helps us grow and invest in businesses that reach out to many people. Conclusion The creation mandate reminds humanity of what is expected of them by God through the book of Genesis 1:28.

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