Impact of tourism in development of economy

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I/we acknowledged and disclosed fully any assistance received in its preparation and cited any sources from which I/we used data, ideas, words, either quoted directly or paraphrased. This assignment was prepared by me/us specifically and only for this subject. This assignment has successfully been submitted to the FINAL CHECK via Safe Assign/Blackboard and the Safe Assign report is attached to this assignment. ►Student name: Madan Pokharel Signature: ____________________ 4. This assignment is identical with the work submitted via Safe Assign/Blackboard. 0 Chapter two: Literature review 7 3. 0 chapter three Research question 9 3. 1 Justification 9 4. 0 Chapter four: Methodology and Research Design 10 4. 1 Qualitative method 10 4. 0 Chapter one: Introduction Tourism has become an economic giant that fuels the progress of both developing and developed nations. Tourism is playing a phenomenal role in generating enormous wealth and job opportunities as well as escalating access to vital services such as infrastructures development, sanitation, telecommunication, and transport among many other social amenities (Lee and Chang 2008, 187).

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Over the past tourism industry has progressively transformed from a localized environment into an international tourism environment. Currently, tourism stands out as one of the biggest industries in the world and offers a big economic revenue for countries. Thus, globally countries greatly value tourism because of the profound importance attached to it. Thus, this research seeks to achieve the following objectives: • To determine the reason UAE focus on tourism to improve their GDP. • To ascertain the economic transformation that the world has experienced during the tourism development phase. 2 Scope of the study A scope is an extent to which something is covered. In this case, the research will broadly capture the impacts of tourism in economic development for instance benefits and drawbacks of tourism as well as explore the literature review and shed light on the purpose of the research to suffocate the existing research gaps.

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Non-the less, this research is not limited to particular demography rather the findings will apply to the whole population. Tourism stands out as a major player in economic prosperity for many countries. For instance; Tourism account approximately 10% of Thailand’s GDP (Telfer and Sharpley, 2015). The tourism industry is consistently transforming world’s economy. Mauritius also records about 11% of their countries GDP. British is rated as the fifth largest tourism in the world having 1. Diversifying sources of income is the way to go in the 21st century. Economic puritans warn states in over-relying on the natural resources as the main sources of income. As such UAE has taken the lead to diversifying their income sources since it will play a great deal in improving their GDP.

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According to Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 UAE is exerting its efforts to build its tourism sector to help in the country’s economic growth (Peterson 2009, 12). UAE Tourism industry is creating and developing rapidly given the organization attempts to make the country a beautiful country in tourism around the world. Process involved includes subject selection, data collection, data interpretation and finally writing the findings. 2 Validity Validity is the degree to which an indicator measures a concept expected to measure. Measurements and analysis for any research have to be both valid and reliable (Noble & Smith 2015). Measurement of validity is centered on getting truthfulness. 3 Reliability Means that the results are dependable and those numerical outcomes created by an indicator don't shift in light of the properties of the estimation procedure or measuring instrument.

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The question was set in a simple conversational language that is easy to understand and was well interpreted. The copies of the questionnaire were distributed directly and collected back after completion on the spot. Secondary data: This study utilized secondary sources to solicit data for instance published books, articles, magazines and peer-reviewed journals. 0 chapter five 5. 1 Limitation of the research. Many opportunities have been created worldwide through tourism which has impacted economies positively. 4 Reference Fayissa, B. , Nsiah, C. , and Tadesse, B. Impact of tourism on economic growth and development in Africa. Routledge. Noble, H. and Smith, J. Issues of validity and reliability in qualitative research. Evidence-Based Nursing, pp. Annals of Tourism Research, 52, pp. Seetanah, B. Assessing the dynamic economic impact of tourism for island economies.

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