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I have a degree in Finance and am looking forward to furthering my education to gain more knowledge on how to handle different matters in this sector. The aspect of better communication skills allows the performance of the job to be more accessible and thus the success so far. During the summer, I undertook an internship at PwC and got the opportunity to participate in a financial analysis of a big client. My supervisor gave me the chance to oversee the project and offered guidelines along the way. Although the supervisor would come later on the go through all the project, it was a privilege to get that chance and apply the skills that I have learned in school. It seems natural but in certain aspects, the task is not easy since other people are not good at sharing with others.

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Therefore, managing to convince such individuals to show some interest in a given project is a successful venture according to my peers. Due to the aspect of relating well to others, I have managed to develop connections with people who influence the society. Such relationships are crucial when dealing with matters that only the people in power can deal with and ensure that they can assist whenever possible. Through this, it is easy to participate in significant projects since the unique connections ensure that they can provide an opportunity whenever necessary. As a result, I ensure that I do not mix the two in anything that I tackle. Therefore, personal businesses are allocated a different time and the company activities at a different time.

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It is essential to maintain the separation of the two since any combination results in the lack of confidence in given situations. In urgent cases, I employ other people to perform the necessary duties and make sure that they provide quality results to ensure a continuous undertaking of the activities. I’m committed to success, and therefore I always tend to perform tasks quickly to clear my “to do” list. Thus, furthering my education will contribute to making sure that the process is successful. There are also other skills that I require to master to enable better development and personal growth. Confrontation with other people tends to hold me back from doing my chores. Confrontations in most cases tend to lower the morale and therefore reducing the capability to provide the best in conducting the activities in question.

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In most cases, am not comfortable with delegating tasks since I tend to believe I can perform them better than any other individual. As a result, it has opened up new opportunities for the people and thus allowing them to add to the growth of the economy. In the company, the need for the integration of the organization's activities in a centralized system has not been achieved yet. Therefore, incorporation of a better computerized system will be crucial in the preparation of financial systems reflecting the operations of the company without any glitches. Thus, the company has an obligation of making the process work through the provision of the necessary resources. Ensuring personal growth requires taking advantage of trends that can assist in making the process achievable.

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Another obstacle is making mistakes along the way. Although nothing is perfect, making errors in a financial company can result in the making of wrong decisions according to the information provided. Therefore, careful consideration is necessary to avoid such issues. The nature of my job has changed due to the various developments taking place in the industry. Therefore, to keep up with the new trends, it is essential to ensure that I have a better understanding of the requirements whenever necessary. The aspect includes completing as many projects as possible and at the same time ensuring that the quality of work provided is excellent. The competition is fierce and requires one to give it the best to receive a positive appraisal.

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Competing with my colleagues allows me to learn on ways to be creative and produce excellent results. One of my weaknesses is the aspect of performing activities quickly to clear the “to do” list. It poses a threat in that the quality of work produced may be of low quality due to the aspect of juggling many activities at once. The opportunities will be crucial to ensuring that I achieve my potential and assist any other individuals along the way. Through this, the unique connections with influential contacts can help in making sure that other people have the same opportunities. As for the weaknesses, the strategy, in this case, is to seek assistance to deal with matters and provide a better understanding of improving the company.

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