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I am going to apply CSR by offering employment to people from the area where the company will have its branches and through this they will see value. Design of the operations production and service networks involves an analysis of the company mode of production, the schedule and comprehension of the manner in which it can get more customers. Regarding this, I will ensure that the company gets more customers through adverse marketing and improved quality of the produced coffee. With high quality coffee there is the assurance that the company will get repeat customers that are important for capacity development and company growth. Use of different advertisement means will see to it that the company gets a larger client base. Capacity planning is the means through which a company determines the production capacity that it requires in order to meet the changing levels and types of demand of the produced commodities. With regard to my company, I will incorporate capacity planning by having a financial analyst in the company who will have the responsibility of analyzing the internal and external environment of the company and these include the sales and the human resource in order to determine the exact amount of money that I should invest in management of the change. An important factor to understand with this marketing is the importance of sales teams is the issue of market segments. Depending on the market segments, different sales teams have the responsibility of ensuring that they reach the maximum amount of customers.

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If a market segment is not well defined, it means that the sales people will have a difficult time venturing into the market. One of the ways to do this is by focusing on the resources that the company has ought to buy new machinery to assist in cutting down the costs per production. This is an imperative strategy in that it ensures that the management identifies the amount of resources present and consequently understand whether it will make a loss in incorporation of the strategy. Understanding the relative price position of the company is also vital in comprehending the internal situation of the company for strategy setting. With an increase in sales over time, the company can make a mistake by lowering the quality of its promotion methods due to high demands and increased prices of its products.

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However, the company can have reduced its income from the loss of customers. Understanding the experience of the potential employees is an important in resolution of problems that may otherwise arise later on (Bandt, 2008). As a principle responsibility of Human Resource Management, many factors affect the selection process. One of the issues is technology in the 21st century. The contemporary age has received many changes owing to the advent of technology and improvements made to existing systems over time. Technology affects Human Resource Planning in different ways. Sales promotion is unique in that it is not only customer targeted but also on the staff of the company. When the sales promotion directs to the customers it uses the price reduction means to attract customers other than the awareness of the product.

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The customers thus coerced to purchase the products at a lower price. When the sales promotion directs to the company staff, the reward is in form of commissions on every product sold. This increases the morale of the staff and thus they sell a lot in a bid to earn more commission on top of their basic salaries. The first thing that sales management does in organizing the sales of a particular commodity or commodities is by having well set goals. This is important because the management makes the employees understand the expectations. It is also imperative to develop the important matrices that will assist the organization develop even further in the sales field. This is where, for example, may require to have around 20 phone calls for 5 or so meetings to take place.

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The incorporation of a coach to manage these salespeople is imperative as it keeps them in check. Developing a sales plan for a product is one of the easiest activities to carry out with regard to the marketing of a commodity. In the introduction of a new phone into the market, it is important to ensure that the sales team reviews the market to identify the targeted customers. This is important as it makes sure the company saves time from irrelevant market. The next step is developing a new strategy through which to incorporate this product into the market. After the strategy, comes up there actual marketing of the product. New Delhi: Excel Books. Randhawa, G. Human resource management. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers & Distributors. Caruth, D. Bandt, A. Successful Strategic Human Resource Planning.

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New York: Systems Thinking Press. Mullian, R. How to Create and Implement Sales Promotion.

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