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For the signs used in ASL to make sense by depicting a word with definition, there are critical parameters that create tone and meaning. These parameters, in the same way, determine theatre and all art activities performed by blacks. Hand-shape, movement, location, non-manual makers, and palm orientation determine the mode and message relayed. On the same aspects, ASL relies on the sociological and cultural aspects of the deaf community. The deaf community comprises of deaf individuals because these very individuals get an attraction to a group of people that they feel have same cultures and can socialize in a similar approach. Haidi establishes that the deaf tended to face segregation from the hearing community as they counted deafness to be a form of curse and pathology, which made the parents of the deaf individuals tend to seek a medical solution from the practitioners to fix the anomaly.

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The impressing scenario is that the deaf community does not pity itself and lament because they cannot listen to what the hearing community speaks. Besides, they do not lament that a curse befell them as they altered the pathological model to a cultural one with a view of modifying and improving the sociolinguistic research of the ASL. Besides, the culture of the deaf community allows them to advance the ASL to meet international language provisions in all levels of education and socializing to promote their culture by communicating their desires, values, artistic performances, lifestyles, and wishes to the hearing individuals. The study of literature for the deaf is one approach to resolve the pathological model of deafness as it will advance the aspirations of the hearing world and the deaf to continue with the research of the deaf culture and performance in poetry and other areas of art.

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In France, the deaf children only depict their humor when adult deaf individuals appear in schools communicating in signs and laughing, and it is when they use sign language to communicate effectively and create fun, which spurs development of linguistics (Bouchauveau, 1994). The humor among the deaf community is copied because the juniors get to see that the body language of the adults depicts laughter and they respond by laughing and making it humorous. In this regard, the theme of ASL parameters and promotes cinematic techniques. The deaf community advances the topic of creativity and cinematic techniques in ASL as it established an International Visual Theatre where sign language plays and displays concurrently with the first courses in LSF (Bouchauveau, 14). Such an approach cultivates sign language as the deaf begin to learn and love the aesthetic value of their condition as the deaf community in the comic and artistic methods.

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The deaf humor is one of the important literary devices that provide status to the deaf community and makes them enjoy the provisions of their sign language in academics, theatre, and the cultural aspects as they socialize. Deaf humor as a linguistic and literary device aids the in-group by teaching ideals of the community and the rules followed in the society to the new members. The deaf need to understand the rules that guide the society and the taboos that risk disintegrating the society. Napoli (2012) argues that through the artistic performance of the jokes that threaten to divide the community the deaf people get to understand aspects that they should avoid in the society that will otherwise divide the society. Examples of the deaf society taboos are racism, sexual humor, sacrilegious, and scatological among others that they ideally share with the hearing individuals.

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