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The history has been able to successfully manipulate the founding fathers of America. Corinth is one of the most significant city in antiquity for its much influence in various regions for a considerable duration. Among the most significant themes of western civilization that will be discussed in the research includes the political, cultural and economic sector, globalization and cultural identity of the history of Rome among others. History of Economic and political themes in the City of Corinth Based on the archaeological evidence, the initial settlement of the Palatine and the Quirinal dates back to the 10th century BC. During the fourth century, the expansion of the Italian peninsula was ongoing. The city of Corinth was a major participant in the Persian Wars, sending 400 soldiers to defend Thermopylae.

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This is a clear indication that during those times there were excellent management practices exercised within the city. History of Globalization in the City of Corinth History indicates that Corinth during the ancient times often tended to embrace international opportunities in waves and cycles. This made the city to break out into world activities on its own rapidly. It often took part in the collective movements to take advantage of new conditions, and often its withdrawal from the world orientation is also experienced jointly with other cities circumstances deviate. A few years later, the city’s stock exchange and the banking sector had become the largest in Europe, opening up for more trade opportunities with other nations and cities around the world.

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Antwerp benefited from the geopolitical advantage when it was absorbed into the Spanish Hapsburg Empire. This gave Corinth residents a great privilege access to a large unfiled market, and it, therefore, marked the entry point of for silver and other precious commodities shipped from Spanish American possessions. History of Christianity in the city of Corinth 4In Corinth, Christianity came into existence during the 50th AD. It was the time of apostle Paul who had visited the city for a missionary work and during this times that the imperial authority did not recognize Christianity as a separate religion but more of a Jewish set. Finally, Flavius Theodosius saw to it that Christianity was made the official religion, which is practiced up to date.

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Conclusion In general, the city of Corinth starting from the second millennium had a far-ranging economic, political, religious and cultural significances in the western civilization. The Mediterranean world had the resources that enabled the city to grow into a metropolis, and also was able to transmit their culture throughout the entire city. Christianity also played a chief role in the city as Christians in the city were used as the political scapegoats. The research, therefore, concludes that political, economic, Christianity and globalization are the major themes in the western civilization that are well illustrated by the city of Corinth. Litfin, A Duane. “Paul's Theology of Preaching: The Apostle's Challenge to the Art of Persuasion in Ancient Corinth. ” Downers Grove, IL : IVP Academic, (2015).

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