Application of Latest Technological advancements by the Uber Ride Sharing Company

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The project is quite essential to all business owners who look to advance their enterprises to the next level with the various amenities brought about by information technology. The use of information technology offers a lot of opportunities to business leaders who look to gain an advantage over their numerous competitors. For instance, Uber made use of the availability of the smartphone to develop a mobile application that outshined the traditional cab industry. Such a project is therefore quite essential as it explains the difference between traditional technology used by the normal cabs and the modern trends in technological advancements as used by Uber. The following project will look to clarify this to those in the business fraternity in an attempt to guide them through the proper and current business requirements.

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: Uber remains to be the main topic of discussion in this project due to the manner in which the organization manipulated the developments in modern technology to transform an entire industry. With just a simple smartphone and a mobile phone application, the organization has enabled most of its consumer’s access cabs conveniently. The Traditional Cabs: These can as well be regarded to as the yellow taxis which have had the market share for the longest time ever. The cubs were all over the country and were most noticeable for their bright yellow color. Unlike Uber, the only technological innovations in such cabs is the device which counts riders fare from the collection point to the destination. This method will provide a similarity between the two essential variables when applied together to gain organizational success for both Uber and Taxis.

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One of the variables to be used will be the use of technology for both firms while the second variable will be the competitive advantage brought about by this. To increase the validity of the statistical finding in this research will be accentuated by the numerous number of participants involved from all sides. Testing will be applied on both organizations to collect the data required in developing the correlational coefficient of each stakeholder in the research. The data analysis for the following research will be through the use of Microsoft Excel. This, therefore, called for the need to research the impacts technology has on the cab industry and in general all businesses as well. The project incorporates a survey that will be conducted to figure out the impact of information technology in the context of all the stakeholders involved, (Uber, traditional cabs, and the consumers) to figure out whether this assists in achieving a competitive advantage in the market.

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The information collected will be analyzed eventually and the results produced according to the manner in which the subjects of the survey outline their experiences with or without the addition of technology in their businesses. The project hopes to prove that indeed the modern advancements in information technology play a very crucial role in ensuring that businesses achieve a competitive advantage which eventually aids in their success. Literature Review The world has changed in the past two centuries. Traditionally, one would have to get outside in the rain or scorching sun to locate a cab that would take you to your destination. Additionally, the cab drivers had to battle each other for fares as the cabs were issued according to the first come first serve principle (Cici, Markopoulou, Frias-Martinez & Laoutaris, 2014).

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However, the addition of Uber in the market ensured that ma could get the easier life through ordering a cab from anywhere they desired (Dickey, 2014). Also, Uber drivers do not have to fight for fares as the system equally distributes clients thus balancing the turnover (Cramer & Krueger, 2016). Rothaermel, 2016 claims that one of the benefits of modern information technology is that it assists an organization to directly deliver the business to the clients thus taking away the unnecessary pressure they face to gain a certain service. employed the use of analytics to figure out the size of the market they would tap into to enable their success (Cramer & Krueger, 2016). Through analytics, the organization can also be aware of the number of rides shared per day, the revenue acquired and eventually, the direction the organization is heading to (Dickey, 2014).

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