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Behavioral Perspectives of Mental Wellbeing To start with, at the end of this unit one is supposed to be able to demonstrate accountable, safe, effective, and innovative nursing care that incorporates research findings into practice with respect to behavioral perspectives of mental wellbeing. As a nurse, I have always wanted to be of help for people with health need, including mental health needs. Regarding the behavioral perspectives on mental wellbeing, I have been lucky and privileged to learn more about behavioral health perspectives and apply my knowledge and skills in treating or handling patients with different mental health problems. This has enabled me to develop effective patient-centered treatment plans for my patients. In my line of work, I also have been able to identify the most effective psychosocial techniques or interventions that have worked towards helping my patients improve the general quality of their lives.

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On the same note, dealing with patients from different cultural backgrounds also gave me an opportunity to examine my cultural competence as a professional. Alluding to the experience I have, I believe that the best practice is one that treats all people regardless of their social class, nationality, race, gender, or religion with utmost respect, compassion, and the understanding that they deserve. Critical Nursing Practice 1 In this particular unit, I developed skills and acquired knowledge that is required in the application of integrated assessment for unstable patients in changing situations. Through research, I understand that an unstable person is one who can be described to be mentally or emotionally unstable and can sometimes come off as erratic or impulsive. In work, I have often encountered people who are poor at coping and have poor problem-solving skills.

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For instance, I was able to develop, through working with the healthcare, care plans that appropriate and effective in specialized care. As a nursing technician, one of my principal responsibility was to provide instance care during medical emergencies such as strokes, accidents, burns, and heart attacks. In most cases, such scenarios require the attention of more than one health profession. Working with other nurses in emergency situations helped me understand the importance of collaboration in this practice. Applied Bioscience for Chronic Conditions Generally, this unit was important in helping understand the primary determinants of health and global chronic diseases. With respect to that, while both as staff nurse and a nurse technician, I was able to use my research to make informed decisions regarding the pathophysiology of common problems that are often associated with unstable individuals.

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Another important thing that I have learned over time regarding the role of nurses in the management of unstable people is to reduce the risks that may threaten the patients’ safety. Integrated Clinical Practice Through this unit, I have been able to understand how to come up with client-centered approaches that are appropriate for the hospitalized unstable individuals. For instance, to help unstable people with sleep problems, the best intervention, in this case, will be to provide them with appropriate advice on how to avoid health threats and improve outcomes. While working in different places, I have to realize that the best advice for such patients should always revolve around sleep hygiene, effects of caffeine, and having a regular sleeping routine.

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