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Chapter one and chapter two activities take place on April 18, 1775, while the rest takes place on the half part of the next day on April 19, 1775 with each chapter written in a specific time of the day. April Morning depicts what was happening in the Revolutionary War by using appropriate characters. The story surrounds Adam Cooper; a boy aged fifteen years old and protagonist. Adam Cooper grows from childhood to adulthood within the given period starting as a boy in the first chapter and by the eighth chapter which is the last chapter he has grown up to be a responsible man. In the beginning, bearing in mind he is aged fifteen, his father Moses Cooper has demoralizing perception feelings towards, but the grandmother consoles him.

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He is therefore left at home as the chapter ends with Adam leaving the house yelling at Levi. The setting of the following chapter two is on the evening of the same day which opens with Adam talking about the discussions and agreements of the meeting held by the Committee in Lexington Church. Adam has just heard about the meeting’s discussion on weapons, finance and self-protection from Sarah who has been briefed by Moses. The committee realises they do not have the right weapons for them to fight their colonists and their meeting is also illegal as it aims to weaken and do away with British King George and that is why it is referred to be treasonous. Moses thinks they can win the colonists peacefully by written word, logic and reasoning.

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Adam proves to Levi there is nothing special about the dream by taking him to the window and have a glance at the sky when suddenly they hear of someone coming towards the house. Adam is ready to disobey for the first time as he tells his mother that directly as well as Granny also defends him and Sarah relents. All the boys and men are heading towards the same direction. The messenger brings a message about the planned attack by the militia with its captain Jonas Parker but questioned on giving the message. A discussion compromising of the Reverend and the townsmen is engaged where the Reverend is warning them of engaging in war as they are very fewer compared to their enemies (Howard, 1961, p.

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He is worried about their army. Short and drums belonging to the British Army are heard when the sun is downing. Upon seeing the redcoats coming in endless ranks, Adam starts fearing. Major Pitcairn who is the commander orders bayonets to be fixed as the redcoats make a wall crosswise the common. Moses is shot dead trying to protect the Reverend while Adam runs together with other men and chaos start. They keep on meeting more and more people on the way till the number get to one hundred. In the midday, men feed and rest at the muster located at Ashley’s Pasture waiting for the rest to come. Adam can see many friends whom he recalls as many more men come and narrate how the British have reached at Concord but have failed to find them.

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They gather and hatch a plan on how to ambush the British before war erupts between them and the British. Adam is among the colonials firing though he does not enjoy it when he recalls the death of his father. Ruth together with the neighbours is seated in the kitchen as Adam is led to view his father’s body upstairs. Levi is eager to know the number of British men Adam has killed, but for the sake of their mother, Adam tells Levi to stop the discussion about the war. Adam takes a shower and puts on the clean outfit, and he sees himself different from his brother in that he has become a man and no longer a child.

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