Argument on Euthanasia

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First, we have voluntary euthanasia; a patient after too much pain gives consent for his death. This type of Euthanasia has been legalized in some parts of the world including the US, Netherlands and Belgium. Although the term may change to assisted suicide, the meaning is just the same. The second type is non-voluntary Euthanasia, mostly conducted when the patient is unable to give consent like children. This type of Euthanasia is illegal worldwide but sometimes allowed under specific circumstances. Deep in the nature of man, lies this very special fact of free will; choice to do what is morally right or wrong. But on the other hand, society dictates morals. Society lays a foundation on what’s categorized to be morally wrong or right.

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In most cases, an act that harms other people or citizens is wrong and in most cases punishable by law. In this case, why should one be against Euthanasia yet it harms no one? Some may argue that it may emotionally and psychologically hurt close friends and relatives but on the same note it goes a long way in saving them funds in terms of medical bills and the pain of seeing a close ally dying a slow painful death. It casts untold fear and terror in the lives of people. Euthanasia helps people to clearly understand their nature and quiet fears Stolberg, Michael (2007). People should understand that one day they will lie on a death bed either in pain or relaxed.

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