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The unique feature of the contemporary art is the absence of uniformity, ideologies, and principles of organization. Contemporary art has been amalgamated in the larger cultural dialogue that concentrates on contextual frameworks such as cultural and personal identities, nationality, family and community (Brooker, 2014). There are many contemporary artists in the artistry scene today. However, as reiterated earlier, there is no organizing principle or uniform ideologies that characterize the artistry scene for the contemporary art today. Therefore, not all contemporary artists take up the aspects of socio-politics in their art. ’ For all those years, Mariana’s art has been to explore the relationship between the audience and the performer. Her art has also focused on the body’s limit and the human mind possibilities.

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She is the pioneer of the new concept of identity by bringing up observers participation concentrating on the aspects of her work. In deeper meaning, her work was a unity and connection call for people even in the midst of diversity and technological advancement. Her work on ‘The artist is present’ is a good example (Stern, 2013). Ai’s work over his career has been about creating a dialogue between the fake and the authentic, and the past and the present. Ai’s blog that was shut down by the government had almost 2,700 posts and had been referred to as one of the greatest social sculptures of the contemporary world (Ai and Ambrozy, 2011). According to Hancox (2012), some of Ai’s arts that are rich in poetic and political suggestiveness comprise “Sunflower Seeds,” “So Sorry,” “The Bird’s Nest,” and “Zodiac Heads.

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” With his work and statements, Ai reiterates that his role is to be a good example that any person can influence changes or transformation by triggering possibilities and new ideas in thinking and doing. This is what Ai Weiwei has referred to as “The mission of an artist. It is evident that her pieces are intended to be triggers and implement as opposed to sculptures. Mariana has created a collection of parts based on ideologies of social sculpture meant to be a dialogue that is non-verbal and a collective energies’ generation that will influence the contemporary world (Anderson et al. Mariana Abramovic, Balkan baroque, 1997, Biennale Venice The works of Marina Abramovic and Ai Weiwei on social and political aspects of the contemporary art draw a lot in the existing practices.

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According to Bingham (2013), “Sunflower Seeds” by Ai Weiwei is one of the best socio-political suggestiveness pieces of art that Ai has been able to create. When one looks up close to the seeds in Tate Modern Turban Hall, trying to pick one of the sunflower seeds is very easy. Marina through the “Balkan Baroque” expressed her views on what ought not to be happening in her homeland. She tapped into the social integration of people through her performance art. It is evident that this piece of art was intended to prevail to people not in a political manner but socially, to mend their relationship with each other despite the changing world and diversification (Abramovic et al. Therefore, the pieces of works “Sunflower Seeds” by Ai Weiwei and “Balkan Baroque” by Marina Abramovic draw a lot on the existing practices as discussed above.

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The socio-political aspects and works of contemporary art by Ai Weiwei and Marina Abramovic have drawn and expanded the existing theories on art and technology. More so, Ai Weiwei has gone ahead to use video art to communicate to the rest of the world. For instance, as he was prevented from leaving the country to receive his award in Germany by the Amnesty International, he was able to sneak out a video, and it was presented during the awards (Frank, 2016). This is a manifestation of the expansion and reshaping of the contemporary art space by use of technology. Therefore, the Modern Art and Technology theory has been reshaped and expanded in many ways as discussed above. Contemporary Photography in Performance Art, Marina Abramovic, the Cleaner, 2010 The works and exhibitions of Ai Weiwei and Marina Abramovic draw on the contemporary institutional elements and practices.

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In conclusion, contemporary art is today’s art created in the 21st century or end of 20th century. Contemporary art is characterized by non-uniformity and organizational principles. The contemporary artist is guided by the global issues, cultures, and technology in their creations. Two of the most talked about contemporary artist are Ai Weiwei and Marina Abramovic. Ai Weiwei doubles up as an activist through his life and works while Marina has used her body to address social change by performance arts. Abramovic, M. , Colstrup, T. , Essling, L. , Heathfield, A. , Pejic, B. Ai Weiwei's Blog: Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009. MIT Press. Ai, W. and Pins, A. eds. Avgita, L. Marina Abramović’s universe: universalizing the particular in Balkan Epic. Cultural Policy, Criticism and Management Research, 6, pp.

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