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They form the first stage of human development that started painting. This field has developed through the early centuries from the simple scribbled pictures of animals, people, and environment that our ancestors used to draw into more elaborate creations. During the struggle for independence in various parts of the world, artwork took center stage in expressing the grievance of the people to their colonialist. They were also during slavery to depict the evils of the vice. Artwork of this period for instance paintings was expressed on paper, skin, canvas, walls among other things and was drawn using various paints. There are folds of the cloth he is wearing hanging loosely around his feet. The figure also has a type of head gear or a crown of some kind hanging over his shoulders.

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Furthermore, the sculpture is a melancholic display of a man with the leaning forward with one hand supporting his right jaw and the other resting on his right foot which rests on the left one. The artwork is absorbing as one cannot help wondering what the man in the picture was thinking. The color used is also thin on the actual fine-textured sculpture. The posture the sculpture assumes, the color and the clothing all combine to explain a lot about the period when it was made. It also communicates a message of mourning or sadness mostly due to the loss experienced by the person created. When I walked in and noticed the artwork, I couldn’t help but see how troubled the figure depicted appears making me want more of the sculpture.

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B) Christmas in Cuzco The type of the artwork is a painting that was drawn by Irving Penn in 1948 (Wilson 167). The media used in the art include brush, paint, and canvas. The family appears to be on a journey and had decided to rest for a while to enable the child to suckle. The painting is a representational type depicting some real men. The painting is represented using different colors ranging from red on the woman’s dress, the lines on the carpet and the cloth covering the luggage beside her and the piece of clothing covering the child in her arms. There is also color white on the tops both the man and woman are wearing. And their hats. I chose to write about the image since it depicts a family something that I always adore.

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Anyone walking into a museum must be undoubtedly attracted to this painting due to the details it displays. It looks so natural and carefully drawn. The first thing that I thought when I saw this image was what a fantastic small family. Then I was drawn to the little child held up by the mother suckling and the visibly loving father who stands by his wife and with his hand on her shoulders. The image is a real representational type showing real men. Besides, it depicts these men at work. There are numerous colors used to create the beautiful yet simple painting and to give it its realness. These include red, blue, green and yellow used on the lorry. The tire of the truck and that of the bicycle also have some red strips.

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