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Physician-assisted suicide should, therefore, be legalized to avert unnecessary pain among individuals with a terminal illness which respects autonomy and the respect for human right at the individual level. Physician-Assisted Suicide with Regards to Patients Consent Should Be Legalized Individuals who are terminally ill undergo a lot of pain which is unbearable for their family members. This, therefore, the medical technology cannot save a loved one who is affected with the pain. Individuals experiencing pain often leave there loved ones in shock when they die as their death would usually occur abruptly. Through an assisted suicide that an individual’s who is pain has requested it becomes much easier for the loved ones to be close to the individuals without being shocked with a sudden death that causes trauma to the patients.

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Political and legal figures are also involved in making this claim because of the ethical considerations that are required when trying to balance between legalizing assisted dying with the implications that will come thereafter. Information has been shared regarding the need, and the challenges that might be experienced when encouraging assisted dying. Often, terminal illness might be very costly to the family members who are taking care of their patients. Conditions which initiate terminal illness such as cancer makes it difficult for individuals to be unable to bear the burdens of the costs and at the same time, the patient being unable to endure the pain. Conscious individuals who are terminally ill are aware of this burden and thus when the legal capacity of taking the life of the individual claims of assisted suicide is approved, then it is critical to engage in helping the patient die.

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However, there is a logical fallacy that has been proposed with regards to this claim. Respect for human life provides for respecting rights at individuals and general level. However, where the logical fallacy lies on and the especially false dilemma is respect for a human at the individual level and ignoring respect for human life at the general level. The implication here is that most of the individuals tend to have a lot of difficulties in balancing the right to self-determination and societal value which accords respect for human life. According to the proponents of the claim, when a competent adult person gives informed consent with regards to the physician offering assistance for the patient to die due to terminal illness causing pain, there is no breach for respect of human life at the individual level.

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Through consultation with end users especially the patients who are affected it will be easier to gain insights on when, how and what drives their motives to participate in assisted suicide. Experts also need to be consulted as they are responsible for legalizing as well as providing assisted suicide. Conclusion From the above essay, it is evident that individuals participate in assisted suicide since some states in countries such as the United States have already legalized assisted suicide for instance Vermont. Oregon, Montana, and Washington. Assisted suicide aims at reducing the suffering that individuals experience when they have conditions that cannot be reverted through medication. N Engl J Med 342:557–63, Oregon Death With Dignity Act Annual Report. Oregon Public Health Division. January 14, (2013 ).

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