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You must use references (textbook, class notes, others) and these must be cited throughout your paper. Submit your analysis in this document, typed using APA format. Limit is three (3) content pages. Choose one of these movies: Hotel Rowanda Under the Same Moon Home for the Holidays Moonstruck Selena Bend It Like Beckham Crash Snow Falling on Cedars Australia The Help The Butler If you want to select a movie other than those on the list, please obtain prior approval from your instructor. Objectives • Explore cultural differences among families. (6-7 points) • Inadequately describes the family values as demonstrated in the movie. (0-5 point) • Inadequately describes the family dynamics of socialization and child rearing. (0-5 point) • Inadequately depicts the healthcare beliefs and practices of the family.

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(0-5 point) • Inadequately shows the ability of the family to adapt to new situations and stress. (0-5point) Assessment of Development or Functional Competency1 (6 points) Comprehensive assessment of the family’s level of development or functional competency1 (Severely Disturbed, Borderline, Mid-range, Adequate, or Optimal) (5-6 points) Adequate assessment of the family’s level of development or functional competency1. The film explores how gender and the British-Asian experience intersect against desire exhibited by Jess, the central character in the movie. Although "Bend it like Beckham" captures most areas, it is solely a comedy centered on British-Asian traditional lifestyle reserved despite the onset of civilization. Description of Movie Family Understanding the movie family is ideal for cultural studies and analysis. Bend it like Beckham is a story about two significant characters, Jesminder and Jules, both teenagers of eighteen.

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Jess hails from a Sikh family, a group of Asians who had inhabited London long ago (Abdel-Shehid & Kalman-Lamb, 2015). Like Jess, Jules’ mother feels her daughter should embrace feminism by refraining from sporting activities – a male undertaking. As an Indian girl, Jess faces numerous obstacles originating from strong cultural ties. Punjabi family sets its values on two major grounds – religion and tradition (Algeo, 2013). For instance, despite living in England for a long time, the family still prohibits interaction with other ethnic groups. In fact, this attribute comes clear when Jess’ mother retorts at her about her relationship with “strangers. Jess’ sister also exhibits a genuine woman by living within the confines of the societal expectations. Unfortunately, Jess is likely to lose her chance of being part of the Indian community for acting astray.

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Her mother feels a bit disturbed as she feels no family out there will accept her daughter in the long run. Seemingly, men enjoy freedom in totality as they can easily mingle, enforce individual decisions that women comply with wholesomely. The Punjabi family, like any other Indian social setup, is less adaptive. Instead, Jess should proceed and find an Indian man to marry her. As opposed to Jess’ understanding, her mother expects her daughter to become a good woman nurtured and raised in the Indian culture. She needs to stay at home, gives birth to children and feeds them well for stable growth. Summary/Conclusion Bend it like Beckham is a movie that portrays several themes brought together to signify the actual events within most communities.

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