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The majority in the US considers racism as an issue of the past, and that it was a menace that was well fought and defeated. This theory, however, had its origin in the different people’s attitude based on their race. There is a situation that poverty has led children into wishing death rather than being poor and suffering. This shows the significance of happiness in our lives irrespective of the perception by others in the society. This paper, therefore, seeks to explore how people especially children and youth describe their reactions of being poor in relation to the theory. This explains higher racial centrality levels among the white children in regions considered largely for non-whites (Jennifer & Linda, 2010). The identity of the white race affects the urge for solidarity and self-esteem especially in contexts of non-white settings.

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The numerical minority in setting, therefore, greatly influences the salience of the identity of the white race among the adolescents. In situations of multicultural school settings, the white children lack racial identity and desire a unique racial identity and pride that is shared by the minority racial groups. In the context of marginalized identities, it is important to note that not all the white children experience constant white privileges due to the fact that contextual factors like sexual orientation, rural settings and socioeconomic class in the society have placed some of the white children in the cultural margins. It gives the opportunity to the marginalized race for critical reflection of their precarious positions of being the very few students who have afforded to be an independent, predominantly White and elite school (Lee, 2014).

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Through their own counter-narratives, these poor marginalized students, they are able to successfully contradict and challenge the privileged discourse being witnessed in the predominantly white schools. Therefore, while these students are expected to be sad because of the racial treatment they are receiving in such school settings, these students decide to ignore the treatment but rather they learn to value the opportunity they have to be in such school, to pursue their dreams and happiness. There is a common and flawed assumption about the gap in the racial achievement. In fact, black infants have been found to perform better than their white counterparts, particularly during their early cognitive capabilities. It argues that property function on three different levels and that is the rights of disposition, use, and possession.

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Besides, these rights have been deployed in the establishment of whiteness as a property in the US. The society is not based human rights but rather it is based on property rights. However, while property rights are considered transferrable and it becomes quite complicated construing whiteness a property. Nonetheless, there is always limited alienability of certain property such as professional degrees or government licenses. Similarly, referring to a white person as “black” simply means defamation and damage to the reputation. In a school setting, it only requires implying the nonwhite identification of a school to damage its status or reputation (Jennifer & Linda, 2010). Children from rich families do not consider their whiteness since they are capable of experiencing multiple privilege levels that losing the whiteness engagement do not matter.

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It is the poor white families that are more likely to realize reduced white privileges as intertwined the general white identity. Besides, richer white families consider societies as cultureless. Parents are, therefore, responsible for the transmission of the coping strategies and racial attitudes to the black children. These students have perfected the art of cultivating health healthy psychological resistance to oppose and withstand the reality that exists in racial oppression and they have learned the art to take a stand for that which affirms personal self-determination and self-worth. Parents play a critical role in the happiness of their children despite their skin color (Ladson & Tate, 2016). Teachers are as well instrumental and responsible in the socialization of the black adolescents to cultivate good racial identities that involve critical awareness of racial discrimination.

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This is a responsibility of all the teachers that handle black students. The K-12 continuum is characterized by racism and race; hence there is a great need for identification of issues found in pedagogy and curriculum, learning and teaching, school finance, policy, community engagement and schooling (Jennifer & Linda, 2010). However, the theory cannot be properly used by the educators particularly in the classroom. There have been quite historical attempts to ensure even playing field in education for the marginalized groups, but still, there has been questionable effectiveness on such attempts. More students of marginalized groups are found to have more negative experiences in the American system of education, and most of these marginalized students being found in programs for special education, and there is under-representation of these groups in programs for talented and gifted students, inadequate basic learning resources for this group, low outcomes in academic and higher dropout rates within this same group (Lee, 2014).

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