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Our weekend get-a-way in my little cabin north of Litchfield County had been quite a pleasant one. Leslie and I had made an annual tradition of visiting my cabin oasis. We have been going here for the past four years and each stay had been better than the previous. However, this year’s trip ended abruptly as the powerful nor eastern closed in on us. My mind wandered and just as quickly as I began to reminisce the weekend I was jolted back to reality as the vehicle skidded off the road for a short moment. I’ll be on the lookout nonetheless. ” She scooted over and reached for my purse in the back seat. Finally, a few feet away stood an old cafe.

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Crudely etched on the side of the building were the words “Buttonwood Cafe. ” The back wooded rural area seemed a strange place for such a café. I turned off the engine. We got out of the car and slowly walked to the café. The place was secluded and the winter cold bit into my skin. For a minute, I wished I could go back to the warmth of my car. A cooler sat unattended on the front porch. ” We looked back at them with utter confusion but before we could answer, the man gestured to the cooler and the woman slowly slid the top off. Inside the large cooler packed with ice appeared to be poultry of some sort. As I stared into the cooler panic began to set in, something was terribly wrong.

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I began to realize the contents of this cooler were much more insidious than poultry. My fears were confirmed when the man named Carl said, “You better get the kidney to your doctor before the ice melts. All this time, Carl stood there staring at us calmly, then he popped the question that I expected to be the first question any black market dealer would ask, “where is the money? “I hesitated to respond as I processed the best possible line of thought; I will wire the money to you as soon as the doctor checks the kidney for compatibility I responded. “Wire the money?” Carl asked in utter astonishment. “That is not the way things work around here; I clearly explained to you that the money has to be in cash!” At this point, I did not know what to say, but I had to say something to slow down Carl because he was considerably growing suspicious.

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I turned to Lesley who was still mute all this time. “Lesley, what do we do?” she gave me a long promising stare and to my disappointment said, “Let’s think it through first” I felt my soul freeze, this is it, he is going to kill us, I thought to myself. He then interrupted Lesley’s’ talk shouting, “Stop!, you are lucky that I didn’t blow off your heads right here and throw you lifeless bodies in this waters; if you even say one word to the corps, I will find you and do to you what I should have done to you right now. Get out of my sight!” We ran straight towards our car without looking back.

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