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But this morning was remarkable. No more penny-ante staff as I took the big jump. It was the first experience as a federal agent. I had qualified to look into cases. I could make an impact in the field. He would‘ve said to me “get away from me. ” That’s what I would’ve expected from him. Or otherwise, he wasn’t in good terms with the James Williamson. Some friends had told me of the James Williamson. Cheeky. ” He answered in a tedious voice but was not aggressive. He acted impassively. But the case we were to look into was similar to his attitude. A dead woman, eyes opened, twenty-five yards away. Blood had covered her face, chest along with her hair.

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I wasn’t given a hint that the job was tough. _ The next day I was taking my breakfast in one of the cafes opposite the offices. I needed a second help and requested the waitress to offer me. I took some white coffee; the waitress served me two sugars mistakenly. I only take one and at times a half will do. Sarah Miles and Robert Rooney are the names. We’ve got to go there today to know the truth. ” “Is there any need for us to show up on their premises? Are they aware of the visit? I think the best option is for them to come for the interrogation” William replied. “That’s the way forward for them to get a bit of tension to speak the truth.

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” I decided to comply with his ideas. I was at the front-page everyone wanted to shake my hand. I was elated being an agent of honor in New Hampshire. Young and elderly greeted me as I walked past them. I came to believe I was a hero in New Hampshire as they made me one. After a few nights later, temptation hit my face. But I was not aware of her reactions. My heart was throbbing in great speed and I noticed that falling into the trap for this gorgeous along with determined lady would cause trouble. Any woman who gets to take a few drinks becomes good and catchy while yelling at a similar thing. However, a woman who looks into your eyes can end my occupation and fool me if I agreed to accept what she was to give me.

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She had intentions of destroying my reputation. How could William give solutions to all cases in New Hampshire with or without proof? Was he involved in these dubious killings? Was Jane speaking the truth? I got away from the spot. I had to be patient for approval of my doubts. _ The suspect was behind bars within a few hours after questioning from William. My doubts were getting proofs. “Hey, William. “No, I’m just asking a kind question. ” “No buddy tries to get details of my whereabouts, right?”He said in his British accent while pushing me on the wall. “Don’t ask more questions, Brown. ”He warned me looking into my eyes. _ Jane and I were lying on the bed.

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” “Which step are you taking on that?” “I must make sure everything is in line. Crooks should be behind bars. ” _ I did investigations on the murderers throughout the night. I worked on the inside work of the federal agent murderer. The guy who was framed by William had a bad history that no federal agent would have doubts about locking him down. “Of course, these cases need attention. ” “Okay…. ” He went silent for a few minutes. He wanted to know what I was exactly doing. “I need to go and take some rest. I struggled to stand up as my body was weak and aching. William stood in front of me. “William, please help me. ” “Don’t make any move, buddy.

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