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About 1 in every 8 women are identified with breast cancer during their lifespan. However, breast cancer can be treated if it is discovered in the early stages. Breast cancer is characterized by various symptoms such as thickening of breast tissues, a change in either of the breast shapes or sizes. Additionally, swelling in any of the armpits, a rush on or around the nipples, a change of appearance of the nipple for example by the nipple becoming sunken into the breast, and lumpiness on the skin of the breast. Breast cancer causes have not been fully understood causing unawareness on why one may be diagnosed with this type of cancer and others may not (Vogel, 2018). Testing helps in discovering cancer at early stages when it can be treated.

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Lastly, the discovery of drugs such as tamoxifen and raloxifene for women at high risk of cancer has helped in cancer prevention, as they can lower the risk of breast cancer. These drugs though are not fit for everyone but specifically for those at high risk of cancer, as approved by Food and Drug Administration in the U. S. Breast cancer belongs to one of the fatal diseases and commonly being reported currently. In the community, the mortality rate has decreased as a result of breast cancer prevention which has been enhanced by the current research about the problem. As a result of breast cancer prevention, the government is capable of working on other issues apart from the development of better health care for cancer which is normally very expensive (Kraschnewski, 2017).

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Furthermore, economically, breast cancer prevention contributes to an increased population as a result of better health care and appropriate prevention measures. Prevention has created readily available personnel, as people can now work comfortably regardless of being diagnosed with the disease. This leads to improvement of country’s economy for the Gross Domestic Product is likely to be high. Reimbursement for the screening of breast cancer is another legislation that has been addressed concerning the prevention of the illness. In the past, the insurance coverage was supposed to cater for the preventive care of patients. However, with the need to control the disease, the state level introduced a law that provides for the reimbursement for mammography carried out on all women under insurance coverage.

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The reimbursement programs are undertaken to bear in mind factors such as the age and frequency of mammograms required as well as the interpretation offered by the physicians. The fault of this legislation is that if physicians are not careful, this program would need delivering services which exceed the current capacity. Various Federal agencies are mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that these laws are administered for example the US Food and Drug Administration (Nelson et al 2016). The Mammography and Breast Density Act of 2017 is one of the federal legislation concerning breast cancer. According to this Act, the mammogram results should include information about the density of patients’ breast. This content is in addition to the clinical guidelines and best practices used for screening women.

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