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According Robert, (2000) mentoring refers to psychological and social action. It is a slippery concept as its definition varies concerning differing dimensions. In the US, mentoring is considered as a personal exchange between a senior and junior person in which the former guides, teaches, hare wisdom and experience with the later (Conor, Mary & Julia, 2012). Mentoring can be described as the process in which an individual is available to junior to for a non-specified relationship. The relationship amongst other roles helps to seek information, to regard a role model and to guide the performer, to provide feedback and appraisal, to teach all the facts that will enable the individual to perform efficiently in an organization. The book expresses the writer's feelings and thoughts in various ways.

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She shares more on personal life experiences and sentiments. The writer opens up our mind to view the world in many perspectives (Brandler, 2006). She teaches us to be creative and imaginative to counter personal challenges that can come upon our ways. The book describes the relationship between a mother and her daughter. The life of the child changes afterward due to the mother’ nursing and care. Children should reciprocate the love by giving back to their mothers. The Book Path to Love by Chopra, (2007) takes few minute to tell us that we are completely loved and completely lovable. Chopra, (2007) says that the reason why we feel not loved is our wrong identity with ‘spiritual nurture. ’ Meanwhile, not all is lost; we can still restore our love and makes ourselves whole and complete.

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His studies were doing well despite one problem. He had a recurring nightmare that brought him down, although a white-haired person seemed to answer his issues in the dream. He went and met the man at a gas station and named him Socrates. Dan then became the student of his way life. Socrates could give Dan vision and could teach him that his mind was the source of his dissatisfaction (Millman, 2000). Mentoring can bring change in an individual in many ways one of them being the mentee understanding how to align individual goals with actions, resources, and plans. The mentor offers valuable knowledge and skill development based on experience to provide a direction to life’s challenges. The mentee through learning from the experiences of the mentor can be able to formulate goals, plans, and actions that will influence positively to his or her life.

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Learning from the mentor’s experiences will also broaden the vision of the mentee hence achieve the goals in time. Besides, the mentee can share his visions with the coach, and they can together review and evaluate to make the best benefits from it (Ghosh, 2013). Professional mentoring is mandatory as it helps the young professionals to develop skills and knowledge toward the professional job they are carrying out. Moreover, it provides standards and ethical values that enable the practitioner to evaluate their approach analyze their dilemmas and work toward solving problems. In the end, the employees are motivated, and therefore they become more productive and achieve their professional objectives efficiently (Cullingford, 2016). Mentoring is a most critical factor that can relieve the youth from unhealthy behaviors.

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Many mentorship programs are aimed at improving the social and economic welfare. All these options are available in a rehabilitation center (Cullingford, 2016). Rehabilitation programs are organized to teach young people the effects of drugs in the society. Those who are already indulged in drug addiction are counselled and treated from the drugs and their effects. The drugs at that are mostly addicted include bhang, alcohol, and cocaine. After the counseling and treatment, the individuals can regain their normal lives back and continue with their daily activities. This creates more problems and misunderstandings in the family that eventually leads to poor academic performance. Given an opportunity, they can perform better in class and increase their self-esteem and in the end new opportunities and carrier paths.

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There are so many poor and orphaned children in rural areas that need supportive care to realize their goals in life. It becomes extremely hard for these poor children to make it in life since they receive less supportive care. Apart from poor academic results, the children live in pathetic housing conditions that this kills their morale (Cullingford, 2016). Since the mentor has more business connection, he provides an opportunity to the mentee to link with other businesses to create more market and engage more ideas on entrepreneurial development. Building a long-term relationship with a business partner will also enable the mentee to gain more insights and experience in running a business efficiently (Conor, Mary & Julia, 2012). With help in business, more opportunities can be engaged hence more ideas and strategies to earn profits in an entrepreneurial project successfully.

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