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What happens is that they just don’t think that they can achieve whatever they want. This gets worse if they do not even believe that such results are actually capable of being arrived at within given amount of effort (Chopra, 193). Setting goals can be a challenge, and even if one manages to overcome the complexity that goes with deciding on the right goal, there is still the issue of how does one start. This is where one starts to realize that a mentor is really needed. It is not like if the mentor will make the goal easy, in her book she talks about how she mentors young authors “…In seminars for all ages, that is the first thing I teach writer: allow yourself to feel and express those feelings.

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In education it can take the shape of student and teacher, coach and players in the sports field, it can even take the shape of a religious leader and their followers. What shapes the nature of these relationships is the extent to which both persons define their roles, how explicit or implicit, their goals, and the way in which they will interact in short the parameters of the mentor protégé relationship. This concept of mentoring dates way back in history, all great leader had someone to guide or teach them in one way or the other Alexander the great had Aristotle, Sigmund Freud played this role to Curl Jung and it doesn’t stop there for in entertainment we have Tina Turner who was a mentor to one of the greatest rock stars Mick Jagger.

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Scholars with diverse backgrounds have taken time to try and understand how this process changes lives (Eby, 7-13). It could be said that the way in which mentoring is affecting daily lives is a mixed blessing, this can be seen in some ways one of which is in academic fields where the mentorship process is a key factor to preventing students from dropping out of school. Areas to expect mentorship Mentoring as we have seen has some benefits when it comes to changing a person’s life. To the youth, for instance, such presents itself in the form of caring parties who give consistent companionship, guidance targeted towards the creation of competence and character and support to the youth. There are some areas that mentorship presents itself.

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The first being what we have mentioned, that is, youth mentoring, which has in it as a trait a relationship between as an adult who by all account is supporting and caring. In most fields, this kind of mentorship is defined as the relationship subsisting between an experienced older adult and an unrelated young person, in this case, the protégé. This sort of mentorship can be seen as an integral part of the student’s knowledge and experience acquisition process. The reason behind this notion is that student-faculty dealings provide a different learning platform, that is to say, the student acquired knowledge and experience beyond what is provided in the classroom set up. What is going on in this set up is that a more experienced and learned, depending on the nature of context of the knowledge, the mentor gives both support and guidance to a less experienced protégé (Jacobi, 543).

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The result of this forms of interaction is the student ends up having a sense of belonging to the particular institutions and not just that but the chosen profession as well. In this academic context, these kinds of mentorships can be seen through the relationship of students undertaking their undergraduate programs and faculty members as well as between graduate students and faculty members. The employer who may not even be aware of this arrangement will also benefit since when both parties are productive, either as a result of the motivation that can help with the mentorship or simply the improvement on a works personal life, will translate into benefits that can lead to efficiency in the workplace. Conclusion When it comes to making changes in life, there are elements that can make the process slightly faster than it would normally be.

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