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Through this study, we will uncover key issues that took place on a fateful day including the court ruling made concerning the incident. The book starts by recalling one of the important eventful days when the then president of the United States Reagan while walking out of Hamilton hotel was shot by a suspected assassin. For many years, the event had been concealed from the public about how the president had been affected to a near death experience. The injuries from the bullet almost killed the president, but he luckily managed to overcome death. The book gives a detailed narrative of the different events that transpired as well as key reasons behind the assassin becoming insane. Through the aspect of heroism and hope, the book can be understood in different lens that brings clearly the entire way different events unfolded.

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Another important aspect that the book tries to uncover is the way in which the assassination attempt was eventually treated lightly without providing essential details on it. Through the book, Wilber understood the fact that the investigators had allowed so much time to elapse in which doctors, nurses and other first-hand eyewitnesses who could have provided the right information had been corrupted. One significant source of Wilber’s book “Rawhide Down” was Jerry Parr, who was the ex-member of the secret service which turned out to be a very close eyewitness just around the scene where the president had been shot. Indeed, Jerry witnessed all events that unfolded just a few meters from where he was standing. For instance, there was improper communication network between the White House spokesmen and the medical personnel.

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In fact, as the doctors were busy undertaking the operations in Brady’s damaged brain, they heard different radio reports that the patient was already dead. The speculative reports had gone out in a manner in which brought a lot of concerns to the entire public. Communication had become a major form of barrier that drifted the entire message to be full of speculative imaginations. The book “Rawhide Down” captures different points of view concerning the assassination attempt. All this long, he was able to grasp some things even though he was not able to speak anything at the moment. The attack which came at a time when it was least expected left everyone wondering what might transpire. The doctors kept asking the reason that could have made someone to assassinate such a great president with a high sense of humor.

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The doctors that undertook the treatment are considered to be of high professionalism and awe. One of the doctors could not comprehend holding the presidents breathing heart in his hands while the other inserted a chest tap into the president. The book records the amazement that was seen by the Secretary of Defense which melted him down from the lack of control that had been accounted by their side. In spite of all the speculations and the various claims that were raised, the book records the various explanations that were given by the Secret Service agents on how Mr. Hinckley was able to get very close to the president in a crowd only through a rope line. This was a point of great concern, and the public demanded to understand how this could have happened with the beefed up security that the head of state had at the moment.

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Reagans did not have to walk for a long period to reach his car meaning the shot was of a calculated move. Reagan never lost his sense of humor and stage presence. He continued delivering his duties even after the attempted assassination. This was a great and positive move the president hand considered. The entire aspects that try to understand the suspected assassin, John Hinckley were in question in the unfolding of the events. This ought to have been considered and properly understood to get the right picture of the main causes that might have led the suspect to undertake the assassination and later become insane. Key details concerning Hinckley was properly laid down through the book. Also, there were key components that were stipulated that tries to understand the details of the issue and come up with proper channels that helps to give key instincts in the case.

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The author had to do a considerate study that facilitated in gathering key and rightful information that could be used to comprehend the case effectively. With the improper lens that the information had been outlined, there was a need to devise ways that could bring more details to understand the effectiveness of the information. According to the book, it is clear that Wilber had interviewed almost every individual about the assassination attempt providing key steps for all major players in the incident. It was the duty of the spokesman to control the outflow of information that the media and other key communication agents were passing across. Finally, the book “Rawhide Down” is an essential book that provides detailed information on all the events that took place during the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.

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