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6 percent of the population; studies show that it is believed to be more like 5. 9 percent because 40 percent of BPD patients are misdiagnosed. That percentage seems small but that’s about 4 million people. It has been revealed that BPD affects more woman than men, about 75 percent more and still is not a well-known disorder (Smallwood P et al, 2008). BPD is a serious illness and 20 percent of people from BPD also have Bi-polar disorder. Studies and intensive research have found that BPD could be caused by the variation of a certain natural chemical found in the brain called serotonin. It has been found that people who had the variation of this chemical and experienced childhood difficult events are more likely to suffer from the disorder New York psychoanalyst Adolf Stern introduced the term borderline in 1938.

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According to Theodore Million, Adolf stern used this term to describe the condition that was between neurosis and psychosis (Million, et al, 2004). BPD can be related to many extreme behaviors. People who suffer from this disease tend to look strange or even threatening during their attacks. Self-harm may include cutting of the body with sharp objects, burning themselves and suicidal deaths. According to Michele S. , et al, (2016), BPD is characterized to have self-injurious and high chances of committing suicide. Studies showed that almost four percent completed suicide rate in a sample of a 6 years consecutively. Studies have shown that people living with BPD have major differences in both brain functioning and structure. Watching a family member with deal with BPD is hard, sometimes family can feel helpless and have to watch the individual engage in self-destructive behavior.

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In addition, family members can get so much stress providing so much care for their family member who has BPD and suffer psychological trauma due to high-risk behaviors especially dealing with a child or teenager with BPD. In addition, families of the people living with BPD are most likely to suffer from depression because they find it difficult in handling them due to their mood swings. Also, they struggle with high levels of isolation from the public due to ill talking from the members of the society. Consequently, BPD has advanced effects on the social lives of individuals like relationship discord, broken marriages and also repeated job losses due to the inability of these people in handling clients. Medications are believed to reduce certain symptoms of the disorder but they should work hand in hand with therapy.

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Some of the prescribed medication include anticonvulsants which manage and stabilize moods, antixiolytics which help in managing anxiety and Antipsychotics which were the first medications to treat BPD. People in the world of today should be made aware of Borderline Personality Disorder since it has been neglected. A lot of people around the globe should know the signs and symptoms of this disorder so that medication and psychotherapy can be started when the situation is young. The disorder is very alarming yet it is not well known to many. mentalhealth. gov/what-to-look-for/personality-disorders/borderline-personality-disorder. Blais MA, Smallwood P, Groves JE, Rivas-Vazquez RA. Personality and personality disorders. In: Stern TA, Rosenbaum JF, Fava M, Biederman J, Rauch SL, eds. Millon, Theodore (2004). Personality Disorders in Modern Life.

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