Business Laws and Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property is usually listed on the asset column of a balance sheet and gives organizations a competitive edge. The following paper discusses the nature of the law about intellectual property rights and business torts using the scenario of Sam, ABC Paper Corp. , and XYZ Paper Corp. Identify if there is intellectual property at issue here. If so, what type? There is an intellectual property case of copyright at issue. has to apply for a copyright on the contact list. Otherwise, the case will not be admissible in court (Roin, 2014). By creating a copy of the contact list on his flash drive using ABC Paper Corp. computer, Sam was apparently in breach of the non-disclosure agreement. Discuss if Sam's actions are ethical.

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When Natalie catches Sam copying the contact list onto a flash drive, Sam tries to run away with the list. As such, this shows that he knows that he is doing something wrong and unethical, with the capacity to cause financial harm to ABC Paper Corp. If XYZ Paper Corp want an additional list of contacts, they should commission their employees to look for new connections instead of trying to steal them from other companies, like ABC Paper Corp. Discuss the types of tort, if any, Sam committed. Did any of the other parties in this scenario commit a tort? Sam committed an intentional tort because by pushing Natalie and causing her concussion in an attempt to escape with the contact list, caused deliberate harm to her.

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