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Significant questions that have had an impact on his upbringing include how and where do I find acceptance? Where do I fit within the American society? Who am I? What is my nationality? What is my race? Over the years, Butch has struggled to find a comfortable standing as per his race, background, and personality (Schwarzbaum & Thomas 2008). America is no doubt a very racial nation with all grouping identifying with particular race categories. It is thus essential for Butch to find common ground upon which to fit. However, his complex mixed racial heritage has made the entire process complex, a feat that has profoundly affected his personality and way of life. Of particular interest is the ability to find an identity in which he can balance his perceptions, social processes, biases, and stereotypes.

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It did not take much time to realize that Butch had serious personality issues that bordered on low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and uncertainty in his behavior. Much of his outgoing character was crowded off despite attempts to suppress it. From close observation, he had a robust outgoing personality and could not hide his urge to express interest in getting along with others. However, the lack of confidence and doubt about his social standing stood in his way especially in expressing his ideas. Butch proved beyond reasonable doubt that his personality was in constant conflict with his surrounding a situation that was made worse by his low self-esteem. However, his vocal tone never left any doubt of his mastery of sarcasm, a feat that angered many of his colleagues. Getting along and socializing with Butch proved pretty challenging especially in the first instances of the meeting.

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He looked distrusting, uncomfortable, and out of place with new friends and people, a situation made worse if the people around him were of mixed races. Despite all else, he had a pleasant personality, an individual ready for a hearty up-close- and personal talk. His friendly character very much conflicted with his unease in challenging and mixed race environments. At the same time, he believed that such facilities could not play a significant role in helping his predicament and solving many of his racial identity challenges. He considered them foreign and out of reach for his liking. His low-self-esteem played a significant role in deterring him from making any meaningful decision towards seeking for a professional counseling service. With many of the people seeking for such services emanating from other "superior" races, Butch considered them technically out of reach.

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At one time when he attempted to meet a professional counselor, he learned that the counselor was white and he canceled out his appointment with the belief that he could not get any valuable and medical help. From observation, much of Butch's failure to seek professional counseling services emanated from poor social attitudes in addition to low self-esteem (Schwarzbaum & Thomas 2008) 2018). With enhanced personal talk that would take some time, improving on his own opinion would solve and remove several barriers that stood in his way. At the same time, he would be encouraged to remove the racial stigma that made him prefer only counselors of ‘other' races besides the whites. Multicultural Counseling Competencies Of greater importance in Butch’s case is the sociological perspective that would explore his individualism and both past and present social environment.

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When and if applied, it would help in understanding human growth especially in coming to terms with the multi-level approach. The above two multicultural competence approaches would best be suitable for Butch as it would offer him an opportunity to view his predicament as a social issue, related to other ills of the society. Such a scenario would present him with the opportunity to consider his case as a broader challenge to the majority of people in the community. The two strategies would go a long way in meeting the needs of Butch with particular emphasis on rebuilding his split personality and laying down sound strategic personal development measures to improve on his self-esteem. The two strategies would be used simultaneously to ensure a maximum positive response. One of the essential aspects all through the counseling session is the racial difference and complex situation Butch is in considering his troubled past.

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Butler, S. K. McCullough, J. R. Hipolito-Delgado, C.

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