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These people are less likely to take action since they are all depending on the other person to do it. This creates some sort of a barrier between the victim and his intended helpers and they might end up not getting any help whatsoever (Cherry, 2018). Certain factors have been put to the test to dictate whether or not the diffusion of responsibility increases when they are in motion. First, if the people witnessing an accident have no idea who the victim is, they are less likely to offer any assistance as they are in a dilemma. Some may tend to ignore the whole issue, not because they lack compassion, but because they are unsure of whether or not they should call for help.

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When bystanders come across a situation, they gage their response towards the incident to the other onlooker’s reactions to the occurrence. The way the other people react will determine the reaction of the rest of the crowd thereby killing more time and rendering the victim almost helpless (Rodarte 2015). The phenomenon of the bystanders has close to no effect to the cultural background of the people as the reaction would be utterly the same. These findings are beliefs of psychologists who have carried out immense researches on the bystander effect. However, some studies show that culture plays quite a vital role in the determination of the action that the bystander would take during a specific incident (Rodarte 2015). Taking into explanation the magnitude and composition of the onlooker group is often vital in the providence of competent help that is aimed at maximizing the endurance of the victim.

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