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Dunkin seeks to expand further to have 15,000 auxiliary businesses by 2020. In Canada, donut is the unofficial food for the nation. They are sold in every shop and intersections. There is much ‘snack food patriotism’ in Canada. Steve Penfold argue that donut has become an edible system of the people of Canada following examination of how deep-fried a donut is. However, its entry into a completely new market requires creation of brand awareness as well as building a positive image to capture the attention of prospective customers. The company is in competition with Starbucks, an organization. The company has changed its brand name to Dunkin Major tools of advertising include; bill boards, public relations, social media, and other forms of digital marketing.

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The company has engaged in all forms of advertisements to introduce its products to new consumers. Most of the consumers have completely embraced the auxiliary firms as a result of good quality and low-pricing of the products. There is also the need to maintain good records for revenue generated to ascertain the profit margin realized during the operation hours. An increase in the minimum wage in America to between US$9-$15 has excited the workers of the franchises. However, the franchisors feel that they are being overstretched despite engaging the population in education roles on behalf of the government. The new government regulations to increase the minimum wage might end up discouraging setting up of franchises who offer important services to the local population.

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Job Design A good model of a business is the key to gaining a sustainable competitive advantage. The employment is on a full time basis. Dunkin; Donut is a leading business provider of fast food services in more than 36 nations, first established in Masachussets, USA Minimum Requirements: Masters Experience Level: Senior Management Experience: 5 years Key Responsibilities • To ensure the targets of the business are effectively achieved • To provide overall leadership in the operations of the business • To oversee the implementation of business strategies • Developing training programs for employees Qualifications • Masters in Business Management or equivalent • Excellent communication ability. • Strong ethics and reliability • Decision-making as well as problem-solving skills. • Organizational and time management skills Monthly gross salary: US $100,000-150,000 Position level: Mid-upper Location: Moscow, Russia Deadline: 22nd April 2019 Send your cover letter and resume to (email).

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Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Dunkin’ has a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is in charge of the operations of all franchises in different parts of the world. There exists a central CEO who is in charge of all franchises all over the world. All the franchises are under the stewardship of a manager who is in charge of all the activities undertaken. The manager is responsible for making business-related decisions and oversees the implementation of the same. The franchisee takes the position of a manager and he is in-charge of all the operations of a respective franchise. Additionally, the manager must adopt marketing strategies that best suits the organization. There is need for marketing of the product(s) in new markets to gain customers.

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