Challenges That HR Managers Might Encounter in Their Work Today and in the Future and Effective Strategies on How to Combat These Challenges

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HR is connected to better customer services, increased productivity, organization survival among other benefits, but the transformation through globalization has introduced changing demands, thus conditioning HR to respond to various emerging challenges and threats. This research will critically examine the challenges that HR managers might encounter in their work today and in the future and effective strategies on how to combat these challenges. Laws and Regulation Compliance Human resource management is likely prone to various law challenges based on the fact that humans differ in terms of values, attitudes, motivations, psychology, life goals, and assumptions. Labor laws keep on changing in relation to retirement and recruitment and failure to meet these demands HR is likely to attract danger towards a business.

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Among the common compliance cases reported in most HR departments is "anti-discrimination laws" that deals with employee discrimination and violation of the “Fair Labor Standard Act” (Hall, et al. Change Management This is probably one of the biggest challenges that HR professionals face as it presents a challenge related to individual management when helping employees keep up with the changes. This process entails the application of effective techniques and processes in order to manage the employee-side of the shift in an attempt to reach the goal of the organization. HR management stands a possibility of suffering losses in terms of profitability and staff retention in the event that this process is not properly managed. Change management becomes HR problem in the event that employees fail to cope with new business strategies, development of its internal processes, and its structure (Aljohani, 2016, pg.

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Thus, the HR is likely to experience high cases of reduced productivity and reduced work morale, especially during the period of change. HR management, in this case, involves the specified individuals in building competencies in areas that are important. This might involve conversations based on the skills set that the organization needs to improve upon and support to improve those areas. This includes development discussions such as the organization as well as individual aspirations, future goals, career trajectory and a genuine assessment in relation to the skills that need to be polished to reach there (Plessis and Sukumaran, 2017, pg. The importance of involving specified individuals in this process is to give them a sense of ownership of the plan. Making follow ups on this plan is crucial to ensure the goal of the organization is attained.

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Implementation of various teamwork activities is also a great technique of integrating employees regardless of their culture and uniting them to attain a common organizational objective. Attracting Talented Employees Gathering the best talent takes a lot of work and time because attracting talented workers specifically meant for the job is becoming a difficult task for human resource management. This is due to cases of changing needs and expectations and the need for the organization to be part of this change (Human Capital Institute, 2008, pg. Thus, it is becoming extremely difficult across various industries for HR management to come across skilled candidates with the proper attitude, appetite in relation to growth, and compatibility with the culture of the organization. Solution It is essential for HR management to design an empowerment culture that ranks current generation employees based their results and not how the result is reached.

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