Cheating and Plagiarism in Education

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It would look weird for someone to argue there is no cheating taking place yet even the students who join these universities cannot fill the application letter merely because they are not well conversant with English at all. For instance, neither Ms. Tang nor her mother was good in English hence had to look for an agency who charged $4,000 to write an admission essay. Now from this, I wonder if a student cannot successfully fill an admission letter how about carrying out studies themselves. A similar example is research by the Lowa State University that found out most Chinese students admitted in American colleagues seek the help of intermediaries to shepherd them through the process of admission. For instance, Gary Pavela recalls being confronted by a Chinese student who argued that a clear-cut is no offense.

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He stated that "But in my culture, we view it as honoring someone to use their words. " Others like Fei Jie a Chinese woman in North Atlanta College was found saying that “The environment here is excellent, so I think for my health I will stay. ” Economically, international students mostly come from affluent families hence pay an unusually high amount of fees (sally, para 7). This boosts the university revenue and subsidizes education for the domestic learners besides boosting the local economies. uk/student/news/uk-unhttp://chronicle. com/article/Cheating-by-International/234904 iversities-in-plagiarism-epidemic-as-almost-50000-students-caught-cheating-over-last-3-years-a6796021. html. Accessed 7 February 2018. Emmaline Bexley Lecturer in Higher Education, University of Melbourne, and Thao Vu PhD Candidate in Education, University of Melbourne. com/2011/11/06/education/edlife/the-china-conundrum. html?_r=3&hp&pagewanted=1.

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